We Are All One, Yet Separate and Unique, Yet All Connected… Wait, What?

One of the basic premises of many spiritual and religious beliefs is “we are all one.” Some interpret this as “we are all connected yet separate, akin to different computers all connected via a network.” Some suggest we are all one entity in many parts, similar to the way our bodies are made up of millions of individual cells: blood cells, brain cells, nerve cells, etc.

The Seth Material has said the entire universe is one entity or consciousness and we are all part of it. Even so-called “inanimate” objects have consciousness, too. Seth used the term/title “All That Is” for convenience and probably to avoid the word “God” (which can be a potential minefield with all of its baggage). Seth’s concepts come very close to the term “pantheism” and as I have previously said (http://wp.me/pJ9hq-2c) pantheism make the most sense to me.

If everything has one consciousness, why are there so many of us? I go back to the analogy of the human body: like the cells in our body, we all have different functions. And in some ways, I look at astrology the same way. We need every sign and every planet for each one’s unique expression. If we were all the same it would be an extremely boring world, wouldn’t it?

And even though we may be one massive consciousness composed of resilience of individuals, every one of us is completely unique. Once, in one of my darker moments, I made a flip remark to a coworker when we were discussing how to grow and evolve in life. I jokingly tossed off the comment “hey, I can always get it right in my next life…” And he looked at me in all sincerity and said “but this is the only time you will be Anthony Picco.” It threw me for a moment. He was right. This is the only time I’m going to be Anthony Picco. Sure I could “get it right in my next life,” but I would be a completely different person with different tools and skills at my disposal. And that to is something that astrology backs up. Although I have never done the math, the planets keep moving at different speeds and have done so for millennia, and it is highly unlikely that across the centuries the exact same chart has repeated itself. There are so many chart possibilities.

So I encourage anyone to embrace his or her uniqueness. Your personality, your skills, your insights, essentially everything about you, is special. Sure, some of us may take on a lot more than others but I don’t think life should be an ongoing competition. Yes there are times when competition can be fun, educational and challenging but in the big picture I feel life should be about expressing ourselves as thoroughly as possible in our own unique ways, and also continually finding ways to evolve and improve and grow. I believe the truer we are to our unique self, the healthier we are. And I believe every improvement we make, every positive involved step we take, ripples out across the world like the surface of a pond when a pebble is dropped in… after all, we are all connected and we are all one, so every ripple that anyone makes affects everyone else.

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I co-host a weekly internet radio show called “What’s Your Sign? I Have Your Number” with Sharita Star, numerologist and a fellow astrologer. It is on the HeyZ Radio Network on Monday evenings from 7pm to 9pm at http://heyzradio.com/shows/signs-numbers/ We discuss astrology, numerology and have assorted guests, ranging from fellow astrologers to psychics, mediums, entertainers, tarot card experts, reiki masters, authors, and all things metaphysical. To listen, go to the chat room on their website when the show is on the air. If the sound gets spotty during the broadcast, refresh your browser. There is also a downloadable app here: http://heyzradio.com/app/ if you wish to listen via smart phone or tablet.

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NOTE #2:
Once a month I host an astrology meetup in NYC, usually on the second Tuesday of the month at the Quest book shop. If you are in the NYC area and are interested, you can register for free at http://www.meetup.com/nyc-astrology/ and get monthly announcements of upcoming lecturers. All levels of astrologer are welcome, from beginner to experienced professional. There is an intro chat for beginners, and then the main lecture. March 10th will be a lecture on Planetary Returns.


  1. Interesting post Anthony. I certainly appreciate Pantheism over Monotheism and see the beauty in nature and each individuals connection to it.

  2. Re: the meetup topic next is on March 10 and not Feb 10?

    1. whoooops… corrected

  3. I agree with this 100% We are all like individual cells of “Source” unique yet all part of the One.


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