Wait. What? That Was Intuition?

I love astrology. Really, I do. I love the reliability of it. I love that it works whether I am feeling inspired or not. Give me someone’s birthday data and I can do a reading for them.

But I am also lazy. (I have mentioned that previously.) So sometimes I look at psychics and mediums a little enviously. They don’t have to calculate charts. They don’t have to analyze the planets. They just “tune in” and get the information. And to that end, for most of my adult life, I have tried to improve my intuition. I believe we all have some intuition, some psychic abilities, even if some of us are more skilled than others. I am also of the belief that psychic abilities, like muscles, can be improved with exercises and paying careful attention.

I have also tried all my life to not let my logical, rational mind bully me. On one level this has wreaked a bit of havoc with my self-discipline, as I resist routine, but it has also opened my mind to be better at free association and picking up “vibes” when I’m looking for a psychic flash in a given situation.

This past week I was working on a project and decided to have a drink. I brought a glass with ice to my desk, opened a 16 ounce bottle of soda and filled the glass. I put the unfinished bottle of soda down on the desk and a thought flashed through my mind “put the cap back on the bottle. You could spill it.” But I dismissed the thought, assuming it was my logical mind applying rules. Within less than 60 seconds, I knocked over the bottle of soda, spilling it all over the floor. I ran and got some paper towels while cursing myself for being clumsy and proceeded to mop up the mess.

While I was on my hands and knees cleaning the floor, I thought about the situation. And I realized I tripped myself up with my resistance to logic and rationality. When the thought in my head told me “put the cap back on the bottle. You could spill it,” it was not my rational mind but my intuition talking to me. To me, the rational mind is always applying the same warning to the same situation. If I was a rational person I would always replace the cap on an open bottle of soda, because that would be the rational rule I would routinely apply to the situation.

So foolish me, I used my anti-logical prejudice to ignore a genuine intuitive insight. I was psychic enough to know I was going to knock over the soda, but I did not trust myself enough to take the necessary steps to prevent that particular future from happening. And to me that is one of the useful aspects of being intuitive: to prevent unwanted events from occurring.

Intuition can be a subtle thing. Sometimes it is simply a thought fluttering through your mind like a butterfly. I have to learn how to stop talking myself out of my intuition. After all, as much as I love astrology it would not have been able to warn me about knocking over a soda.

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I co-host a weekly internet radio show called “What’s Your Sign? I Have Your Number” with Sharita Star, numerologist and a fellow astrologer. It is on the HeyZ Radio Network on Monday evenings from 7pm to 9pm at http://heyzradio.com/shows/signs-numbers/ We discuss astrology, numerology and have assorted guests, ranging from fellow astrologers to psychics, mediums, entertainers, tarot card experts, reiki masters, authors, and all things metaphysical. To listen, go to the chat room on their website when the show is on the air. If the sound gets spotty during the broadcast, refresh your browser. There is also a downloadable app here: http://heyzradio.com/app/ if you wish to listen via smart phone or tablet.

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NOTE #2:
Once a month I host an astrology meetup in NYC, usually during the second week of any month at the Quest book shop. If you are in the NYC area and are interested, you can register for free at http://www.meetup.com/nyc-astrology/ and get monthly announcements of upcoming lecturers. All levels of astrologer are welcome, from beginner to experienced professional. There is an intro chat for beginners, and then the main lecture. Oct 13th will be a lecture titled “Working With Our Moon” by noted astrologer Heather Roan Robbins (www.roanrobbins.com)


  1. Sandy Ellinwood says:

    Hey Anthony …. First read one of your responses ions ago on Yahoo
    ANSWERS… And I knew you were not like the others!!!!
    Miss all the friends I acquired and often wonder where they are now.

    I’ll be looking for the radio station and all the lost pals on Answers
    See ya

    1. hey… nice to “see” you again… what was your handle on Yahoo Answers? (I am on FB by the way)


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