The Ongoing Education of An Astrologer

When I first became fascinated with astrology I grabbed every book I could find on the topic and read them all. Some of them were really great, and some were pretty awful, but I managed to get something out of every one. And then when I felt I knew “enough” I started grabbing friends and relatives and asked if I could interpret their charts. Hands-on learning added a lot to my knowledge and awareness. And then the day came when a total stranger dropped into my lap, asking if I could read her chart. I told her I was a novice, charged her $5.00 and for me, it was the first proof I had that astrology worked. Up until then I was working with people I knew something about, but doing a total stranger’s chart accurately cinched it for me.

But the lessons have never stopped. Twenty-seven years later, I still learn something with almost every chart I do. And I find, astrology is always right; it’s me that has to catch up.

A few examples:

I was reading a woman’s chart, and there were signs all over it suggesting that writing was very important to her. I stressed it a couple of times, and she insisted she did not write. She did not try to write fiction. Her job had nothing to do with writing. She didn’t even do very much writing on her job. Fortunately I was doing the reading in her apartment, and I glanced about a little confused, but then I spotted her bookcase, and there was a shelf of assorted hardcover books with no titles. “What are those?” I asked. They were her journals. She has been keeping them since high school and wrote in them every evening before bed for about an hour or so. Aha!

Once I was working on a woman’s chart and found oddly conflicting information. The chart suggested she had a very vague mother, perhaps even a missing mother, and yet she also had indications of a very strong mother. Baffled, I described these traits to her and asked her if it made any sense to her. It did. She had been given up at birth and was adopted and raised by a mother with a strong hand, who instilled her with self-respect and integrity. When she became an adult, she tracked down her birth mother. They met only once. The woman was happy to see she had turned out so well, but insisted, due to family and societal reasons, she could have nothing to do with her. So she had a missing mom and a strong mom.

And one last amusing story… I was doing joint readings for a husband and wife. His chart said he was argumentative. So I told him that. He said he wasn’t. I said it was in the chart. He said he wasn’t. And I was being too pig-headed to see what was going on. I started to try to explain it one more time. This was promising to turn into a Monty Python routine, but his wife spoke up and said, “Dear, you are argumentative.” Saved.

These are the kinds of things that still keep me on my toes after all these years, and keep me learning. It never gets dull.

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  1. This was a great one! I literally Laughed Out Loud with that last story. 🙂
    Thanks! I’m also glad I actually got to read it the same day it arrived in my email.


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