The Grand Cross of 2014: Not a Monster (and other Grand Cross Comments)

This is a quickly-written blog to try to drive home some clear fresh perspective on this topic. I covered this a little more in depth a few weeks ago ( but it seems to me there is a certain low-level madness or hysteria developing about it as it approaches.

Any Grand Cross (sometimes also referred to as a Grand Square) symbolizes a great amount of available potential energy, that really needs to be expressed. The transiting Grand Cross, the one we are experiencing at its peak for the next two weeks, is indicating a lot of potential energy available worldwide for new changes, new ideas and growth & evolution. Some people may feel this more intensely than others, but that is what this one is about. This can be a good time to take steps to make positive changes, and finalize them.

Can this Grand Cross be a problem? Well sure. People make mountains out of molehills all the time. Every day some people take blessings and turn them into curses. That’s part of what free will is about… not always the best use of free will… but this is what some people do. It takes work to steer things in a self-sabotaging path. It takes resistance and maybe a dose of fear, too. But this is not the most likely scenario. Most things in nature flow well, when we let them.

In any event, this Grand Cross will fade by late April as Mars moves out of orb with Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto. And yes, the effects will linger. Ideally if you are making positive changes, you will want the effects to linger, right? Take charge. This is your life. Be open and flexible, try something new, move forward.

And keep in mind, anyone born during these two weeks will have that Grand Cross in their natal chart. These children will have to live, tap into, work with, and manifest the symbolism of the Grand Cross throughout their lives. Most of us only deal with a Grand Cross for a few weeks at a time.


  1. Anonymous says:

    What makes geometric patterns better than charts that don’t have them?

    1. Better? I wouldn’t say better or worse, just different.

  2. Alecia says:

    I was born 1/ 11/ 1954 @ 3:25 pm in Mastic Beach NY. Pretty sure I have a grand cross in my natel chart. Life has been full of exciting challenges, some good, some bad, but life has been good.

    1. Yes you have a wide Grand Cross… the Moon opp Neptune is 8º apart… but yeah, a Grand Cross. (and you were born 3 days before me…).


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