I have spent most of my life as a fairly undisciplined person. A big chunk of my astrological chart even suggests a certain amount of spiritual chaos is my natural operating style. It has worked to my advantage, but not all the time. Other than my ability to do astrology readings, most of my psychic and/or intuitive abilities are strictly random and catch-as-catch-can. I have often found myself a little jealous of professional psychics who can tap into their abilities pretty much whenever they need to.

It is not that I haven’t taken courses in training that have emphasized discipline. I just have a tendency to abandon the discipline after a short while. I continue to use the abilities I have learned. I send reiki energy to people regularly, either in person or remotely. I am certainly capable of giving an excellent astrology reading using the rules, regulations, and beliefs of astrological teachings. And yet there is a part of me that resists discipline.

Many years ago there used to be a guy who lived across the hallway in my apartment building. We would often get into philosophical disagreements. The only thing that stayed with me during our ongoing discussions was his belief that any system can help a person if they follow that system with regular self-discipline. He claimed giving a solid, viable structure or system to anyone who was, perhaps, lost or confused, would help. He claimed it did not matter what the structure was, as he felt the very nature of structure would help a person delineate and define themselves. I thought it was more important to have the right kind of system or structure in order to find a way to improve yourself. I still believe that. Not every system works for every person because one size does not fit all.

Recently I have been trying to look at my life in the bigger picture, trying to ascertain where I have made mistakes and where I have functioned in the healthiest possible way. Although I frequently recommend daily, regular meditation to many people, I am embarrassed to admit that I myself am a very sloppy meditator. I often tell my astrology clients who are looking to improve their potential creativity and psychic abilities that regular meditation is one of the basic building blocks. You need to exercise your intuition the same way you need to exercise your body. You might not be able to lift 100 pounds right away, but if you practice weightlifting on a regular basis eventually you will. And I apply the same concept to intuition. The more you learn to train your intuition, to exercise it, to meditate on a regular basis, the more likely you will learn to trust your intuition and strengthen it.

So last week, while I was writing, I accidentally put a space in the middle of the word spiritual. And I saw for the first time that the word “ritual” was a major part of the word spiritual. And a ritual is something done over and over again in the same way. And yes, doing something over and over again in the same way is a method to blank out the logical brain a little bit and let intuition come through. So “ritual” is a form of exercise and discipline.

I guess I am going to have to stop being so lazy.

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