To do an astrological reading of your birth chart, I need your birth date, year, time and place (for example, July 14, 1977, 11:23 am, Paris, France). If you don’t have a precise birth time, do the best you can (but let me know you are doing that). Even if you do not have an exact birth time, we can get a lot of information using a chart set up for noon on the day of your birth.

Most readings last about an hour. We typically examine the strengths and skills indicated in your birth chart, looking into the areas where you can trust yourself and be confident. We also examine those areas where you may need to be a little careful, where you might have challenges and perhaps still need to do a little growing, learning and evolving.

In a birth chart reading, we also survey your transits (the movements of the planets) for the next couple of years and during the past year or so. This helps you see where you are coming from at this point in your life. You are welcome to ask questions at any point in our conversation. If you want to ask what to expect from my astrology readings, we can chat beforehand on the phone. Please note that I believe completely in free will; astrology is not a matter of being “fated” at all.

At this point in time, all readings are being done via Zoom, and recorded, so you can have a copy of the audio and/or video.

Other services: You can discover better ways to plan events in your life through electional astrology, and investigate all of your relationships using synastry chart comparisons. Those interested in learning more about astrology might consider my one-on-one lessons designed to serve your exact level of knowledge.

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