Saturn Returns Again! (Part 3: My 30th Anniversary)

In less than seven days, this Monday, October 14, 2013 will be the 30th anniversary of the very first astrology reading I ever received. Previously I had rejected astrology, but in the several months before my first reading I had been playing with it. This wasn’t deep research. I made a list of all the signs on a few sheets of paper, and then entered the names of everyone I knew under each sign. I discovered there were a lot more Tauruses, Capricorns and Libras than other signs. When I looked it up, these were the signs I “should” have been drawn to. “OK, fair enough,” I thought, “I didn’t plan that consciously. That’s curious.”

And then a friend had her birth chart read by a professional astrologer (Lilian Laishley: and she was happy with it, and suitably impressed. I now knew of a good astrologer, so I went and had my own reading done. Unbeknownst to me, my birth time was off by 90 minutes, but it didn’t matter all that much*. The reading was accurate, so precise that I was completely freaked out. I’m not kidding here. I have always tended to keep certain personal things close to the vest and private. Or so I thought. She knew them all. I was paranoid by the time the reading was over. How long had she been spying on me? Was my phone tapped? Did she interview my friends? How did she do that? (Capricorns can be prone to paranoia…)

So I started grabbing any and every book I could on astrology. I pored over my chart, making notes, trying to figure it all out. Then, I started dragging my friends into it. I did them all in my crude, ham-handed, amateur manner, but it worked! Astrology worked!

But I was still not satisfied. After all, I kind-of knew my friends, so was it the astrology, or me? And then one day a stranger dropped into my hands, asking for a reading. I knew nothing at all about her, except she was an operator at my answering service. And the reading worked. Since I asked for $5.00 (I was a novice but thought I ought to get paid something) I was now, by definition, a professional astrologer. That was 27 years ago. It took me two+ years to get to the point where I would consider doing a “stranger’s” chart. And I have not looked back since.

So I went for my first astrology reading at the same time I was experiencing my first Saturn Return. This is not all that uncommon. A fair amount of my clients often get an astrology reading during, or just before, their first Saturn Return. It’s roughly every 29-30 years for everyone). A Saturn Return is about taking inventory of your life, examining it, getting rid of the dead weight and charting a course. In 1983 I used it to become an astrologer. The last pass of my second Saturn Return was a month ago and here I am 30 years later, rededicating myself, co-writing an astrology book and starting Act II in my career as a professional astrologer.

It’s pretty exciting.

*although exact birth time is always preferred, I have done many noon charts for people with unknown birth times. The results are 90% on target.


  1. Holly Martin says:

    Dear Anthony, I was born on 12. January. 1954, but I do not know the hour or minute…. I was born on a Tuesday, and the morning Aries moon changed to Taurus moon at around 1100 am, so, not knowing my true hour and minute is frustrating…do you rectify birth hours with regards to one of your astro services offered ? (. Your birthday may be close to mine, as I am also in second Saturn return, and Capricorn ). Thank you.. P.s. Howard stern, media host, was born on my exact birthday…( 530 pm with Gemini ascendant and lazy Taurus moon….lol. ). Miss terry in Florida

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    1. And I am Jan 14 1954… so hello… I do not do rectification but I do know an excellent rectifier that I can personally vouch for as he has rectified my chart… email me for details

  2. That was very awesome, keep blazing a trail 😉

  3. Excellent! Thanks.

  4. Exciting indeed! The astrology world is better because of you. Thank you. In deep appreciation of your energy.

    1. Thank you


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