Saturn Returns Again! (Part 2… and Jupiter gets involved, too…)

This past Friday (April 26th) was the second direct hit of my second Saturn Return (see previous blog post at I was curious to see how I would express the energies of Saturn in my life at this point. And as it turns out, I was also getting my 5th Jupiter Return this week (Jupiter Returns occur roughly every 12 years.) This could have had the potential for conflict. Saturn and Jupiter represent opposite energies.

Saturn often represents structure, focus and restriction in a person’s chart. Saturn will encourage you to cut out anything non-essential and get to the point, to be responsible. Anything frivolous and time wasting is of no interest here. And Saturn is how we structure our view of the world & universe. When transiting Saturn returns to the natal position of Saturn in a person’s chart, it is often time to cut out all the crap in your life, and focus on what remains, what really matters. And in my chart, Saturn is on my Descendant, which is the cusp of my 7th house, the house of one-to-one relationships. Whatever my Saturn Return inspires, it will involve dealing with people on a one-to-one basis. It could also suggest a cold-eyed reassessment of my marriage (because I am married. If I wasn’t, it could imply an effect on any major one-to-one relationship in my life.)

Jupiter is, in some ways, the other side of this type of energy. Jupiter is about growth, expansion, and opening up to new ideas, optimism, and faith, luck… the planet is the word root for “jovial.” And on a more evolved level, Jupiter is about higher education, higher justice, and the idea of fairness. Often when a person experiences a Jupiter Return, something occurs that opens a person up. Perhaps going back to school. Perhaps examining a new philosophy. Perhaps embarking on a long journey, either physical or spiritual. If you travel across the world, you open up. If you travel spiritually, you also open up.

As it turns out, last week I started my first of four weeks on Grand Jury Duty. As I found out, Grand Jury Duty differs from regular jury duty. A grand Jury examines evidence presented by an Assistant District Attorney, and decides whether or not to indict the case, and move it further along, possibly going to trial.

How oddly perfect. I get to assess and sort through the evidence, getting to the point, or core, of a case (Saturn) and then vote with all the other jurors, deciding if the case has merit. So I am using Saturn’s ability to cut through the crap, to serve the concepts of justice and fairness (Jupiter). Would I have “predicted” this? Probably not, but it certainly suits the situation.

Sadly, I also had another event in my life that fits Saturn affecting my one-to-one relationships. I lost a dear friend to illness 10 days ago. Saturn symbolized the removal of him from my life. I would certainly not predict the death of a friend if Saturn crosses your Descendant, as it is not a typical response, but it is a suitable, and upsetting, fit in this situation.

My next and last direct hit of my second Saturn Return is due this coming September. I will see what happens, and let you all know.

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  1. Wonderful and very interesting information here. Thanks!~
    So glad I finally got around to reading it and within the same week too. Some times I’m just in awe of myself. lol 😉


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