Resistance is Futile. Deal With It. (Right?)

I have a client who has been going through a lot of inner emotional turmoil & transformation recently, as indicated by Mars doing its recent retrograde (Dec 20, 2009 – March 10, 2010) through her 4th house, and crossing her Uranus, Moon, & Pluto. And, it’s not quite over yet for her, but instead of really dealing with the issues this symbolized in her life, she has been trying to hunker down, adopting a wait-it-out “under siege” mentality. Recently she asked me “When will it finally be over?” and I got a little testy & sanctimonious, and in high dudgeon I said, “You’re not supposed to be ‘waiting until it’s over.’ You’re supposed to DO something with it.” (No one can do sanctimonious & high dudgeon quite like a self-righteous Capricorn.)

She has resisted dealing with her inner turmoil, and over the years I have found if you don’t deal with it, it gets dealt to you. As a result, issues connected with, and indicated, by the Mars transit, have been happening to her, in her life, her family & her health.

And even leaving the symbolism of astrology behind, I tend to see this pattern play out in people’s lives. Have trouble expressing anger? You may find yourself with an angry spouse or angry bosses. Do you shun responsibility? If you try to steer clear of taking it on, it may get dumped on you. So really, it is in each and every one of our best interests to face stuff head on. Isn’t it better to cope with things on our terms, instead of “their” terms?

Sounds good, right? But I don’t do much better than anyone else. It’s easy to be sanctimonious with my clients, (see above) but even easier to forgive myself. I started this blog concerned about writing something once every week, so I wrote four posts before I launched it, expecting to have a nice cushion. Needless to say, the backlog is gone, and I post later and later every Tuesday (Why did I name it Cosmic Tuesdays?) Last week I posted it Wednesday, 2am, NYC time, but consoled myself it was still Tuesday in California. And although I started writing this one at 1pm Tuesday afternoon, I will have to use a Hawaiian time zone to claim it is still a “Cosmic Tuesday” when I finally post it. And it’s not like I don’t have ideas for the blogs beforehand. I write them in my head beforehand over & over.

What is it about procrastination? What do we get out of it? Is it spite? A false sense of power & freedom? Is it delayed gratification? I can understand procrastinating on a job someone else wants you to do, but no one made me start a blog. I like writing it, when I finally do it. And I believe there is always something just as interesting waiting for you to do when you finish what you already have…

So I have a question: if you procrastinate, what is it you get out of it? Why do you do it?


  1. I’ll yell at Mercury b/c i wasn’t finished at all and that 1st post now just looks silly… (Virgo Rising shut-up!)

    For me I’ve got a fun trine of Moon/Uranus in the 2nd, Mars in the 6th, and Saturn in the 10th, in Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini, respectively. This soooo can create a lazy-day energy for me in earning, serving, and career, yet, my numerical side of the karmic path 27/9 is fit to be tied when I don’t finish things. (and the Virgo rising again needs to be told to shut-up, lol.)

    I have found, if it’s something I don’t like, I put it off. If there isn’t inspiration, originality or something that drives me to be and feel responsible about it, it just won’t ever comes to be. (hence why i now work for myself)

    I also have noted since Saturn crossed over my ASC over 2 years ago, I am much better with not procrastinating as much. It truly is one of the those things that causes more heart-ache and self-sabotage once you decide to engage in it. (and again, this my experience of dealing with it)

    For a detailed oriented- Virgo Rising, I will say writing things down helps me in ways that I’d just forget it all otherwise. Challenging myself to stick to a personal schedule seems to have eased my conflicts with doing things last minute.

    I am wondering however, once Saturn goes back into Libra, and will soon trine my natal Saturn in the 10th from the 2nd, how high is the potential to slip into old habits again? 😉

  2. I toy with procrastination, yet have found an interesting way to “manage” it.

  3. Robin says:

    If you don’t make a schedule you’ll never procrastinate. I wonder if we were left to do what we do based on natural time and inner inspiration if we would even have a concept of procrastination.
    I also agree with libramoon, the other day a client wanted an appointment and her phone was busy when I called her back so I left it and she phone me the next day after a client had cancelled, she was then able to take that appointment if I had pushed to get through the day before it wouldn’t have worked out so nicely.
    Of course there are many scenarios and many truths, there are times when we don’t act and it makes it worse. Disorganized, rushed, inconveniencing others because we just can’t get on top of it.
    Interesting topic I wonder if Capricorn’s are more conscious of procrastination that an Aquarius or a Pisces.

  4. leslie de vries says:

    Nice topic! I’m more with libramoon, usually there is more that needs to be revealed before action. But when i do procrastinate, I’ve trained myself to take small steps and reinforce progress with relaxation. I also try to handle one thing at a time, and complete it as much as possible when i can, like opening the mail and dealing with it right away, and that helps. About the “inner” gain procrastination may give, i think it provides an illusory sense of control.

    This article is illuminating:

  5. I usually am kind of driven (Cap. Sun, Cardinal emphasis). When I find myself procrastinating and go with it, it usually turns out that there was something that needed to happen, some further information or thought, that it was not the “right” time for the activity.

  6. I love the Capricorn energy. Love Capricorns.

    Ah, procrastination… Personally, I like to do things perfectly. Therefore, it is intimidating to start. Aha!

    Hmm. I think I just had an a-ha moment thanks to you. Better get started on things that need doing today 🙂

  7. donna says:


    is it my imagination, or is everyone staring at me??

    that said, your point that if you don’t deal with it, it will get dealt to you, is right on for me. i am aware of how the universe works, and yet i still find myself ignoring the obvious and putting things off that i know are of utmost importance.

    i’m not sure why i do it, or what i get out of it, but your post has highlighted the fact that i might want to examine this a little bit more.

    thanks for a great post tony!

  8. to answer your question I would say that procrastination is caused by the desire for the problem to go away on its’ own or the hope that somebody else will come by and take care of it for you.

    In terms of your writing, you are approaching it from the male aspect of a job or a chore.

    Writing is an art and requires some sense of can not really put it on a deadline, unless of course it’s your job.

    The other thing that could be going on is fear.

    Fear of it being wrong or fear of it being sucessful.



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