Reiki + Me + A Surprising Experience on the Train

This past weekend I was on a train with my wife, and we heard a sound I first thought was someone’s very unusual laughing, but it didn’t quite sound right. A few seats ahead of us, a young woman slumped against her boyfriend. He called her name a few times. She was having a seizure.

The next few moments were a little confusing, but people flocked to the couple; someone ran and got the conductor. 911 was called. There would be a medical team meeting the train at the next stop.

I have no medical first aid training, so I closed my eyes and focused on sending her reiki energy. I was listening to the conversational hubbub all around, but in my mind’s eye all I could see was a bright red blob of color. I could hear people trying to talk to her, but she wasn’t responding. Two young doctors were located in another car. I don’t know what they did for her, but after a few moments she was responding to questions. And as I continued sending her reiki, I noticed behind my closed eyelids the red blob of color was becoming pinker, and lighter, until it was an off white. The change in color seemed to coincide with her alertness and awareness. Then, we were at the next train station, the EMT technicians entered the train, and after a short while, with her boyfriend helping her walk, they all exited. I was impressed in general by the outpouring of concern and care for this woman. Anyone that could pitched in, did, and in a gentle and genuine way.

The vision of the changing blob of color in my mind was, I think, kind of a psychic reading or impression. I believe the color changed to reflect her state of health. I know my reiki master would probably disapprove of this, as he is very strict traditionalist in the practice of reiki, and has always discouraged doing any psychic reading of the person you are reiki-ing. As I understand him, he feels all attention and intent should be focused on channeling the reiki energy. I understand his reasons, but I did not choose to see the changing blob of color, so I’m giving myself a pass.

But something else happened, something that surprised me. I found myself feeling great waves of emotion afterwards. My eyes welled up with tears. My wife looked at me and asked, “Are you okay?” I tried to answer but I felt if I started to speak I would’ve started sobbing, and it seemed inappropriate, but I was able to choke out the words “I can’t talk. I’m okay.” These feelings continued for several minutes, as the train pulled away from the station and we continued on our way.

My wife and I discussed what happened. I said I wondered if I was picking up the woman’s emotions about her seizure. The feeling I had was one of “No… no, no… not again… not now.” The woman seemed quite young, perhaps 18 or 19 years old. When the medical help had asked the boyfriend if he had ever seen her have a seizure prior to now, he said yes.

I’m writing this particular blog post because I am a little surprised and a little confused. I have been reiki-ing people for 2 1/2 to 3 years now, and although I have picked up impressions from them as I was reiki-ing them, I have never had the emotional response I had this past weekend. So I am asking other Reiki practitioners or any other healers, to please offer any feedback about what I experienced, and what their experiences have been in similar situations.

Thanking you in advance…

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  1. As an intuitive and empath, I totally understand and can relate to the overwhelming emotions you’ve described, having experienced them myself, sometimes while giving Reiki but also sometimes when I’m around someone (or some place/time) where grief, or maybe even collective or residual grief is strong – there’s been a lot more of that lately.:) If I sense someone needs something and it’s not too intrusive, it’s also not unusual for me to offer to lay my hands on relative strangers and for them to gratefully accept.

    When it comes to sending Reiki (without actually laying hands on the person) for me it’s a lot like praying for someone. Whether I’m giving Reiki or praying, I ask for Divine healing, protection and guidance without focusing on specific outcomes. My faith in an all-knowing, all-loving Divine Source capable of doing whatever it needs to do without my direction, is absolute and unwavering. It’s also why I rarely, if ever, use the symbols.

    I think with Reiki, it’s important not to mistake form for content. It’s what’s in our hearts and minds that matters most. When we willingly surrender outcome and ego, we allow spirit to flow gently through us, sometimes with amazing results. It was kind of you to want to help.

    1. Thanks 22laberry
      I am level II and have been doing reiki for over two years, so I was a little surprised by the experience, as I had never had it before. Thansk for your comments.

  2. I have trouble with that word “focus”. I teach my students to think or say to themselves “reiki flow” or “reiki on” to get things going and just allow reiki to do it’s thing.

    As far as you “trying” to enter her energy field, it may have been done subconsciously.

    Yes, in an emergency situation such as this particular one, it’s always good to send in the name of the highest good for the individual in need.

    1. As a Capricorn I love the word “focus.” (lol)
      Thanks for your feedback, Rose…

  3. Being a reiki master teacher I find it very odd that your reiki master teacher would disapprove of your having a psychic impression or intuitive impression because it is common knowledge in reiki that Usui Sensei practiced reiki very much so intuitively. He would only use 5 hand positions after scanning the recipient and the rest of the session was done intuitively. I can understand discouraging a psychic reading mixed WITH reiki in the one session. I would not encourage that either. As far as the “attention and intent should be focused on channeling the reiki energy” I disagree. To do that is to deny the fact that reiki is spiritually guided intelligent energy, an energy that needs no direction, no attention, no intent. Reiki knows where to go and what to do. We, as practitioners just need to be open, present and clear channels for this reiki energy. The very words direction, attention, intent are all putting ego into the practice. Reiki is such a simple, humble practice it is often times misunderstood.

    Judging from your reaction after the fact my question to you is….. Are you putting yourself into this persons energy field (self, ego, whatever) and not being just a clear channel. You should not be attaching to or picking up anyone’s symptoms, emotions, etc. In my humble opinion it seems to me you are putting too much of you into giving reiki. Could it be you are not flowing reiki as a channel but rather trying to connect to the recipient in order to give what you feel should be the direction, attention and intent to heal the recipient?

    There is a difference between psychic ability and intuition. As a psychic you do get into a person’s energy field, however, intuition works more along the lines of empathic lines where you feel what the person feels. Even the best of psychics can pick up unwanted “stuff”, however they are trained in knowing what to do to rid themselves of it should this occur.

    1. Perhaps I am over careful.
      My interpretation of his comments are, I should try to be purely focused on sending, and letting the reiki go where it needs to go.. to try and avoid all diversions.

      I did not think I was trying to enter this person’s energy field. The emotions that washed over me were a complete surprise. Now, I did not ask permission, but the situation seemed to prevent that… though when I sent, I was adding a kind of “here it is if you wish” feeling to it all.


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