Questioning the Fear of Mercury Retrograde (and the Scary Void of Course Moon)…

About 4 years ago I wrote a blog post called “Mercury Is Going Retrograde and I Don’t Care.” (

Personally I feel the concepts of Mercury retrograde are used like an easy out… and kind of make a joke of the whole concept. Recently a fellow astrologer posted a comment in a professional astrologers’ forum, and he added statistical evidence that, to me, justifies my dismissal of the “OH NO HERE COMES Mercury retrograde” scare. (While he was at it, he also kicked around the “void of course moon” concept… and found it wanting.

So here follows a very lightly edited, re-posted guest blog by Alphee Lavoie:
“This is a very crazy time for astrologers; Mercury is retrograde. WOW!! Everybody will have communication problems: don’t travel, don’t do anything, because it’s going to turn out wrong.

Nothing like that will happen to you unless that particular Mercury retrograde hits planets in your chart.

A few years ago a well-known astrologer from Europe came to lecture to our group on Mercury retrograde. She was giving a lot of examples but it didn’t make sense. She said that last month, while Mercury was retrograde, she was going to a party and while parking her car, her gearshift broke. She claim it happened because Mercury was retrograde. Mine didn’t break, and out of million people in the world, probably none of them broke.

Two weeks ago there was a fire in O’Hare Chicago airport and thousands of flights were cancel all over the world. Mercury was not retrograde. A lot of astrologers sweep that under the rug. S**t happens when Mercury is not retrograde and the Moon is not void of course.

Astrology makes a big deal how when the moon is void of course, you can’t do a thing.

Couple weeks ago an astrologer send me a check and information to rectify their chart, but not to work on this rectification while the moon is “void of course.” I send back her check and I said I work while the moon is “void of course.”

I can only come to the conclusion that astrologers that believe in both of these phenomena are not full-time astrologers. Because if they totally believe that this is true, then they can’t do any astrology work while these things are happening. You can do no readings , you can do no electional work, no horary, no writing, no rectification… so you just sit and twiddle your thumbs.

If their only income is from astrology, like mine has been for the last 50 years, how does it pay the bills? They must have some other income somewhere.

Take a look at the graph below for 2014. The GREEN shows when Mercury was retrograde and the moon was void of course. Take a good look at this graph. The only time that astrologers can do their work is the time showed in the white space. Now you tell me how they can make a living as a full-time astrologer.”
Many thanks to Alphee Lavoie for permitting him to post his comments.
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