Psychics + Mediums + What I Understand: Part 1

Ever since I was a young child, I was curious about people who identified themselves as psychics and mediums. Regardless of all the scientific dismissing of their skills, it seemed pretty obvious to me that there was ample proof that some of these people were genuine. And so, over the course of the past 50+ years I have done my own research. I am not a scientist. What I have written below is not intended as any kind of scientific proof, but merely sharing the things I have observed, the background material I have read about the phenomena, and the ongoing conclusions I have come to about the topic.

 Predicting the Future

When I have gotten readings from psychics, it has usually been a mix of current information about me that helps verify the psychics’ skills, and information about upcoming events in my life. Generally speaking, when I have connected well with the psychic, about 75% of the information about the future has been correct. So, what is the psychic connecting to? Where is this information coming from? Why don’t all the predictions come true? Do we have free will, or are we merely fated?

I think all of us are much bigger than we realize. I think deep inside us, whether you want to call it the subconscious or your “inner self” or your soul, we are already planning our future. And I believe on some level, we have already set things in motion. So I think what psychics tap into are our deeply embedded future plans.

I have seen people essentially negate the psychic predictions they were told, when they were repelled by them and did not want them to manifest. I do not believe anything in the future is locked in stone. As an example, suppose I am driving from New York to Los Angeles, and along the way I make a turn that will take me to Miami. Suppose that when I start seeing palm trees I pull over and consult a psychic. And the psychic tells me “in two days you will be in Miami.” Now, I have a couple of choices here. I can keep driving the road I am on, and in two days I get to Miami and say “Wow! That psychic was right!” Or, I can say to myself “but I don’t want to go to Miami” and reset my travel plans. That is an example to me of how people respond to psychic readings. Either you accept them and the future will manifest as you have already set it up, or you decide to change your future. I believe the future is a very flexible place. So I think the further a psychic tries to read ahead, the more fuzzy things become, because there are more and more variables entering the picture.

I also suspect if a person is “lost” or has no idea what to do next, or where their life is going, then a psychic’s reading will be limited at best. After all if a psychic is reading the potential future you are creating, and you aren’t actively, mentally, spiritually creating a future, but just drifting along aimlessly, what is there for a psychic to predict?

So really, the way I see it, all a psychic can tap into is what you are already creating… and you still have the free will to change it.

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  1. Tough call… I can’t dismiss your belief out of hand, but to me if a person is visiting a psychic for a direction, a path to take, a goal to aim for, I suspect they will be disappointed, because I feel there has to be some desire to create something. In my beliefs, we all have many potential lives to live, and I think we have to choose one of them (tho’ of course we can change them as we wish). If a person is asking for a choice to be made for them, they may be disappointed.

  2. Nice post, Tony.

    I like to believe even if someone’s life appears to be at the type of impasse you describe, the larger part of them you mention (soul, spirit, superconscious, etc.) is still a powerful creative being with many other lifetimes of experience to draw on and lots of potential futures for a talented psychic to tune in to.

    I prefer to believe a psychic’s reading is only limited by their talent and ability and not by what appears to be creative limitations of the person being read.

    I believe someone “drifting along aimlessly” is probably one of the best candidates for a reading from a talented psychic able to help this person connect with the larger spiritual part of themself and guide the person in the direction of their spiritual intentions. -Bob

  3. herongrace says:

    I agree with what you say. Personally I think that there is so much evidence that psychic abilities certainly do exist and are exercised by most of us, that to discredit these abilities only demonstrates the sceptics’ ignorance.
    I think it is impossible to definitely predict the future. I believe that psychics are able to follow a particular timeline gauging the most probable outcome given the circumstances of the present time.
    I do believe that the more awareness and tuned in senses a person can exercise, gives them more control over their destiny and that astrology is a science that aids in becoming more aware.
    Personally I would like to see science investigating psychic abilities and areas such as sensitivities to our environments and geophysical phenomena more.


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