Psychics + Mediums + What I Understand About Them: Part 2

Ever since I was a young child, I was curious about people who identified themselves as psychics and mediums. Regardless of all the scientific dismissing of their skills, it seemed pretty obvious to me that there was ample proof that some of these people were genuine. And so, over the course of the past 50+ years I have done my own research. I am not a scientist. What I am about to write is not intended as any kind of scientific proof, but merely sharing the things I have observed, the background material I have read about the phenomena, and the ongoing conclusions I have come to about the topic.

Who/What Are Dead People Anyway?

If you pore over most of the spiritual and religious texts that have been produced during last 5000+ years, there seems to be a pretty good consensus that each of us will survive the loss of our physical body. Many people refer to this transition as “death.” But what is death anyway? And who are the entities that mediums contact, bringing us messages and representing dead friends and relatives? Having experienced a number of readings from professional mediums, it has been quite clear to me that whoever is identifying themselves as my maternal grandfather, or my uncle or my mother, have proven to me that either they are who they say they are, or they have access to all of the information that those dead relatives would know. And the circumstances in which I have received these readings preclude any possibility of someone researching my history to trick me, or fool me. Even if someone had gone to the trouble of spying on me, many of the things told to me by my dead friends and relatives are really known only to them, and me and were never written down anywhere. So, whom am I talking to?

I know many people would refer to these entities as the “souls” of my dead relatives, but I do not want address this topic using the traditionally associated ideas of standard religion. What I want to do here is riff on some concepts.

Now, as far as I know, it has been said that every cell in a human’s body is replaced every seven years. That means the physical body you are using right now was made up of completely different cells eight years ago. And yet, all of us still maintain our personalities and our memories. Obviously to me, we are not just our physical bodies. It would seem to me there is some overall matrix or template that holds together the notion of each individual human being as a separate entity with its own distinct personality.

Einstein is probably most famous for his equation E = MC2. Although I could not interpret precisely what the equation is saying scientifically, it is my layperson’s understanding that he is essentially saying that “energy” and “mass” is the same thing in different forms. So essentially everything is energy.

So it would seem to me that each one of us, including all our personalities, our emotions, our memories, etc., is held together by a unique energy matrix. And when we depart this physical world, the energy pattern remains. We still exist.

Perhaps, one way of looking at it is, the “database” of who we are, including our feelings and memories, still remains and still seems to be quite vital and functioning. And these personalized “databases” seem to continue to grow and evolve. I have heard, via professional mediums, various “dead people” claim they made mistakes, and have come to understand better now that they passed over. I also have heard a few still resisting any emotional or spiritual progress.

Out of curiosity, do any of you have any interesting tales of readings via personal experiences with mediums? Any thoughts or comments?

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