Predicting the Future, Creating the Future

I imagine most of us would love to know the future. We all want to be prepared, alert and on top of things, either good or bad, and knowing the future seems very beneficial… and to a degree, it is. History is littered with all the ways we have tried to scope out the future, from Joseph in the Old Testament interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams & the oracles at Delphi in Ancient Greece to modern weather & climate forecasting. Along the way we have consulted tea leaves, entrails of slaughtered animals, tarot cards, astrology, psychics and numerous other techniques. And great literature has been written about people who were given signs of the future and misinterpreted them badly. And we also have those who believe predicting the future leads to subconsciously creating self-fulfilling prophecies.

Allegedly the future isn’t here yet. Or does it already exist in some form? How else do accurate forecasters do their thing? We all probably know someone who saw a psychic or astrologer who accurately predicted events that could not be easily explained away by mere chance.

So how can the future exist already? Or does it? I am not a person who believes the future is “locked in” but I do think we set things in motion. I do believe our “higher self” or our “oversoul” or whatever-you-call-it is making plans and setting things up. And although they might plan far into the future, the future depends on the roads & paths we are willing to take. In a personal example, years ago a friend of mine encouraged me to see a psychic with her. The psychic turned out to be remarkably accurate with me, including a few things two years ahead. But my friend heard things about her future she was dead set against, and those predictions did not occur. She changed her future. My future seemed ok to me, so I stayed on my path.

I think genuine psychics can do a good job tuning into your future, if you are open, but the further ahead they “see” the results may get fuzzier. There are a lot of choices we continually make, consciously & unconsciously, affecting our future and those choices will affect the predictions further down the timeline. So keep in mind, all a psychic is doing is telling you what you have already planned for yourself. If you don’t like it, do something about it. Make the psychic be wrong. It’s your choice.

Speaking as an astrologer, I make predictions about upcoming influences. I see planets moving across sensitive spots in a client’s chart, and I offer suggestions about their potential impact, but no specific prophecies. I might see a good time period coming to start a new project, or to travel physically or mentally, or to spend time assessing your self and your past emotionally, but the choice of how to handle these suggestions is always up to the individual.

Nothing can exist in the future that you do not want to be there.

It’s your life and your choices.

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  3. Sylvia Meeks says:

    Interesting idea that we create our own future….going through a very rough time with depression right now, and it helps to be aware of my ability to change that.

    1. You are very welcome. Hugs to you.


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