Picking A Date & Time, Astrologically

Sometimes I get requests from people, asking me to pick a good time to open a store, launch a website, start a project, or set a wedding date. This is called Electional Astrology and I always have mixed feelings about doing it, because everyone wants the “perfect” time. Picking a day for an event is a challenge. Every day has both positive flowing energies, and some challenging energies. Some days are quieter than others. This is neither “good” nor “bad” per se. It depends upon what the people are seeking.

Often, to save myself hours of research, I will ask the person to give me target dates, to try and narrow it down. I have no desire to examine 365 days to find the “right” one. It would cost too much and I am also lazy. But I also believe if they choose specific days, there must be something in all the stuff going on in the sky those days that resonates for them, even if they don’t know astrology. We all know more than we realize. All astrology can do is make us more aware of that. When a couple picks a wedding date or two, all I am doing is offering the fine tuning to adjust the choice they already made. Usually that means fiddling with the best time of day to perform the ceremony.

Recently a couple came to me with a chosen wedding date. I was a little surprised, as that day was full of some pretty intense energy. And I told them this would not be a run-of-the-mill marriage. There would be constant adapting and shifting, and ideally, a lot of ongoing personal growth and evolution to keep the marriage alive and breathing. And they both had charts that reflected similar personalities. They really weren’t the kind of people that wanted to live “happily ever after” in a cozy home. So I adjusted the time of the day and gave them a few different times that would make the chart work best, with a little advice about the differences between those times. And I wish they the very best.

I am also a little wary of doing this kind of work because I believe there is no such thing exactly as “happily ever after.” Any marriage, any project, will have positive qualities and challenging qualities. To me, that’s part of life. I learned over the years not to expect a problem-free life. I find great joy in discovering and successfully solving or fixing a problem. That’s what ends up giving me more confidence. “Hey, I handled that, I bet I can handle the next one!”

And even if you could give a person a “perfect” start date, the outcome is still up to them. You could sell someone the perfect car, with all the safety features, but if they drive it off a cliff there’s not much you can do for them.

Me, personally… I prefer picking a time for a project I am planning and then examining that chart. I feel that tells me more about what I am choosing to do. This does not mean I don’t trust astrology. It does mean I think we can be connected to the universe via intuition, and when I can, I practice trusting my gut instinct before I consult the stars.

When I first started this blog back in Dec 2009, I wrote a few posts to prep, chose a name and launched it. Then I checked the chart. Turns out it was really favorable. The time was ripe. My intuition was doing well.

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Incidentally, if you are looking for a good list of astrology blogs, (I am listed, too) this is a great resource: http://jeffreykishner.com/astrology-blogs/


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  2. Holly Martin says:

    This was such a pleasure to read…….when I got to your words. ” and I am also lazy “. I just broke into laughter, and, as a Capricorn, like you, also in my second Saturn return, ( we are twins perhaps, lol ). There has not been a wealth of things to amuse me lately……but, I am still smiling at the honesty, and mild self deprecation……I really appreciate that…..my laziness comes from, ( I suspect ). A Taurus moon……on 12. Jan. 54. , my date of birth, the moon changed from Aries to Taurus. At 1100 am……it was a TUESDAY, by the way……I think you should write more……I found you by accident, but, have been a devoted fan since day one…… From miss terry in Florida, formerly of Maine. Sent from my iPad

    1. well well well… I am Jan 14 1954, with a 29º Taurus Moon…

  3. Ellie says:

    I agree with your personal opinion – we shouldn’t use astrology to pick the perfect day for something becaue there is no such thing. Life is suppposed to contain ups as well as downs, and there’s a reason for everything. So called good aspects can occur during bad times as well as good. Jupiter, for example is often strongly present during illness and accidents as it grants an element of protection to how events will unfold. Also, I don’t think it says a lot for a a person’s trust in their relationsip etc. if they feel the need to manipulate times and dates in the hope that things will work out better. Astrology is great, and I absolutely love using it for prediction and to get a rough idea of what life has in store for me. But I think it’s important to let go a little and not try to control life so much (something I’m still learning to do). Life is more interesting that way!!

  4. Carl Picco says:

    yeah some 20+ years ago I knew this astrologer who needed the minister to perform the wedding ceremony within a certain time frame and was insistent upon it.


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