Past Lives, Future Lives, Parallel Lives… Whose Life Is It Anyway?

I imagine, to some degree or another, most of us are familiar with the idea of reincarnation and “past lives.” According to some religious and/or spiritual beliefs, our current lives are supposed to be ”fixing” or “atoning” for misdeeds or errors or sins we committed in previous lives. Some people see that as “karma.”

Me, I see reincarnation as similar to going back to school. Each life we choose (and I do believe we choose every one) is another chance to learn new things. Sometimes we fail to fully learn them, so we come back in yet another life, to try it again.

I have also come to understand, via various sources of supplied wisdom that all rang true for me, time does not really exist, but in our current physical existence we need to see things as linear, as a cause-and-effect system. So then, even though we may think so otherwise, all of our “past” lives are actually happening in a constantly unfolding “right now.” And if that is true, then all of our “future” lives are also happening “right now.”

And now let me add something else to the mix: some belief systems suggest we have “probable” or “parallel” lives. There is a theoretical scientific concept often referred to as the “Many Worlds Theory” proposing that every time we make a decision, we create another parallel world. There are spiritual beliefs that echo the same concept. So, as an example, if in your current life you decide to move to another town to pursue a career there, there is another parallel and probable life wherein you stayed where you were and forged a career there.

So everything you do, here and now, in “this” life, ripples out across all of your other lives, past, future and parallel. And that ripple influences all those other “yous.” And the same things happen when “they” do something. This to me is what “karma’ really is. All our lives are connected. All of our lives, past, present or parallel, depend upon each other, and so our best, most evolved behavior will not only help the individual life we are currently focused in, but all of  “us.”

As a more concrete example from my own life, I found it extraordinarily easy for me when I learned astrology, because in one of my “other” lives, I was/is/will be an astrologer… so I already had a study partner. And some part of me already knew astrology. And I feel there is a parallel life of me as a successful writer, and so I believe I can write quite clearly and succinctly, even though I never studied writing.

A friend of mine asked me recently, What was the point of all this? Why have so many lives? And I think it is because all our other lives support each other. We add up to much more than just that person that we see in the mirror.

Now all this talk of time-not-existing and parallel lives kind of confuses me. Sometimes I “get it” and for a few moments I clearly understand, but then I try to describe it and I’m lost again. Perhaps you too are confused or overwhelmed, trying to figure it all out. Fair enough. Stop thinking about it. Thinking won’t help here. Just accept that these concepts are true, and let go of them. Aim to live the best possible life you can, and remember how big your spiritual family truly is.
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  1. Ivonne…

    When I want to tap into “other” versions of me, it is not a hard cold specific technique. When I am writing, and when I get stuck or struggle, I close my eyes, take a few slow deep breaths and ask “myself” for help. Sometimes I add “I know there is a version of me that knows this… so… let me know.”

    Of course by now I feel I know some of the “other me-s” so it is a very specific request.

    Play with it.

  2. Wow, this post has been sitting in myin box for a while I finally read it and it was so powerful for me. I have recently decided to take up the study of music at the age of 50. I got a pinao and bought a guitar and have been taking lessons for about 2 months now. It’s mostly technique. And I signed up for music theory at a community college. I just had the idea of nowhere really to study music. I do remember beign 5 years old and asking for piano lessons but my parents said no. Keep in mind that was 45 years ago and my back ground is Puerto Rican–I may as well have been saying I want to be an astrounaut to my parents. But this post makes so much sense to me as to why in the world would I take up music now. Other than loving dance I have never had a musical inclination after the age of five–ok not true 20 years ago I did write lyrics to two songs.

    Okay so lets say that I have a parallel life in which I am a musician how do I tap into that to help me facilitate the music now? Would greatly appreciate any advice.

    thank you


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  4. I’ve been looking into similar things…I am highly suspicious of the narrow mindedness we have come to call normality…more and more evidence is pointing away from it….on this strange pursuit for more and more truth…It’s very good to have it articulated…but as one of my teachers used to say….my job is to fail well…we all find it in one life of another…

    The best evidence…is those young children…and even babies…you wonder time and time again….who are you…and who WERE you?

    We create our karma…and I own my karma…time is an illusion…past and future occur right now…in the neurochemistry of our synapses…

    My english teacher told me I couldn’t write a research paper on philosophy…so there…


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