Past Lives, Future & Current Lives, Soulmates & So-Called Karma

Some clients ask where I find “past life” info in a birth chart. Suggestions can be gleaned from the North Node/South Node axis. I consider the North Node “the direction you aim to grow and evolve the most in this life.” The South Node is what I regard as “the stuff you already know.” If you choose to believe in reincarnation (and I do), this is the where I look for the essentials. It is limited information and I suspect reincarnation is a bit more involved.

Then there is the topic of soulmates. Many clients want to find their soulmate. And they seem to feel it is only one particular person, out there, somewhere. I think of the lyrics to Wreckless Eric’s song Whole Wide WorldWhen I was a young boy/My mama said to me/There’s only one girl in the world for you/And she probably lives in Tahiti. Only one? Terrible odds.

We ought to expand our definition and concept of soulmates. I think we reincarnate in extended groups, much like a theatrical repertoire company has a group of actors that don’t always appear in every play. I don’t think we spend all our lives with every soulmate, every time. Maybe that guy you knew for only a few months was there to steer you in a certain direction, and that was it. That was his job this time around as your soulmate. Perhaps he pointed you in a direction that changed your life. Or maybe you were there to steer him. Maybe your best girlfriend in this life was your uncle last time, someone who you once saved from drowning in the 1700s, and your life-long sworn enemy during the 12th century? And maybe, even though you married 3x in this life, every one of those spouses was one of your soulmates.

So this brings us to MY definition of karma. I don’t buy “punishment” karma. If we have to pay for all our mistakes in a past life, it’s a miracle any of us reincarnate as anything more evolved than bacteria. Maybe in my last life I was a paramecium?

I see karma as various educational and experiential paths our higher selves choose to explore. Last time around I was a social-climbing Victorian Era cad. Some time before that I was a happy single mother in an era when that made me a social outcast.

Think of each life as if it was a major in college. This time around you may be exploring family relationships. Next time, perhaps positions of social power? Maybe in some lives, you take a light course load. Maybe in another one, you choose to be on the karma fast track for accelerated learning. We all know people like this. I have a friend who has had at least 5 careers, mastered them all, lived in 8 or 9 places in three different countries and has married the same man twice. And she ain’t done yet. I hope next time around she coasts a little. Just keeping up with her exhausts me.

So everybody take a nice deep breath.

Relax. Open up.

We have an extended family of soulmates. You will find the ones you need, when you need them, this time around. And next time, too.

We have many options in our past, current and future lives. Do the best you can, take a few risks and forgive yourself for the mistakes you make.


  1. Hey admin, very informative blog post! Pleasee continue this awesome work..

  2. Wow this was a great post.. I’ m enjoying it.. good resource

  3. This was a balm… I related it to your story of Daisy… I have just chosen to end a relationship with someone I considered my soulmate & best friend. He is in a state of turmoil & our relationship was just adding to his issues. My decision has stirred the most pain and grief I have ever experienced, but I know I am doing the right thing for all…. Like your doing the right thing for Daisy.

    Well, after I read that, I paused and said a little prayer that the universe would help me with my grief and then I read this post. I am so glad to have read it. In my grief, I have been constantly searching for spiritual insights to help me heal; to help me see that there is hope.

    In my resolve to do this right thing I find myself alone with my sadness….your words brought in the light. Thank you. Thank you.

    1. I am glad to have touched you, and connected with you… moving forward through pain is hard. I don’t like it myself, but what else can we do that will heal us?

  4. Yes I’ve always agreed that we have tons of soulmates. I think there are some from the same soulgroup and there are the very last few you split from when we were splitting from the source, so you will still be closer to some than others.
    I think, like the 7th house is also the house of open enemies, some of your closest soulmates may be ones you actually hate. Eg, somebody comes into your life as a catalyst, they wreck your marriage, promise you the world and then dump you as soon as you are free. You curse them, but it got you out of a stagnant marriage. I think things like that are agreed to before you incarnate. Like a soul contract, like “I will teach you this lesson, but you will hate me for it”

    1. I agree we make “soulmate” appointments before we incarnate, and I also think we make many more than we “need.” I feel some of them are “contingency” appointments, to be kept depending upon if certain paths are followed or not followed, as necessary.

      And I agreed wholeheartedly with your idea of 7th house/open enemies soulmates.

  5. Great post Tony, it really frustrates me when people refer to karma as being bad or good. By doing that they just don’t get it. Keep it up!

  6. Ana S. says:

    Thank you Tony for expanding our view on “soulmates”.

  7. dean tura says:

    Yes good work, it shows a lot of the aspects of our soul. Very useful and to the point worth the read and bit sad it runs out too soon. And yes picking up karma from a chart is a true art, from all I know its just a small step into what can bring us much understanding and help. Thank you ever so much God bless you and keep on doing your best, its just great.

  8. Cindy says:

    I like and agree with your definition of Karma- that it’s a miracle that any of us reincarnate as anything better than evolved bacteria (although in some cases, I think being bacteria IS a step up from what they were in the past life).

    I think ALOT of forgiveness comes into placing us in our succeeding lives. Or, maybe some gets “forgotten” somehow like when the Phoenix rises from his ashes- some of his bad deeds (along with his good) were burned in the changing process. It’s like burning a dollar bill- it turns to ash- it’s still the same money you burnt but in a different form that’s totally useless. Anything irrelevant gets an insignificant, almost non-existent status compared to what really has value.

    We’re born to forget, we’re created to forget.

  9. great blog Anthony. i totally agree with on this and i especially love this idea of coming back in soul groups, it made so much sense when i read that. i do however belief that the lunar nodes are just one small part of the picture in the chart. the moon and saturn can be very important, even the Vertex point, especially when you are looking into soul mate synastry.

    i shared a past life experience on my blog a while back: Evolution – Past Life Astrology

    1. Yes, I agree, there are deeper places to look for past life info in a chart, though I prefer to keep the chart reading focused on now. I will link your blog to mine shortly.

      1. thanks Anthony, i have only just found your blog thanks to Neeti and have subscribed so i can read through some more. just have a reading to finish off which retro mars keeps interupting.

    2. Jamie, I met two people recently, both with their Saturn conjunct my Moon and NN (among other things): one of them is my astrology teacher. I love them both.

      1. interesting that saturn is the teacher Neeti. this is a great part of astrology once you get into it, it really makes you believe we do connect to others for a special reason.

      2. Ha ha! I know! Conjunct in my ninth 😀

  10. Lovely post, Tony.


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