Organ Donors, Spiritually Speaking

It always surprises me, and saddens me a wee bit, when I see people trying to evolve to a more spiritual awareness creating new fears to supplant the old ones. Recently on a social media site, someone asked “Are you an organ donor? What are you thoughts around organ donation?” My reply was “If I won’t be using it, go right ahead.” And the majority of those who answered essentially agreed with that.

But then, a person replied: “No way. Not in a million years. It connects you karmically to the person. I won’t accept another person’s organs, either. I’m not going to let a mass murderer into my home.” Someone else pointed out: “I had an extended family member lucky enough to get a donated kidney, and it gave her new life. Excellent karma.” Now that makes more sense to me.

To me, the goal of enlightenment and spiritual evolution is more freedom, not just a new set of rules. The goal is to realize we create reality. All of us. And we can change it.

Yes, in the past, different belief systems set up rules. Different religious traditions have very different takes. Some Native American tribes believe if we mourned too deeply, we would prevent the soul from crossing over. (I think this is emotionally very sweet, but probably more about helping with the grieving process for those left behind.)

The Ancient Egyptians were extremely careful with all the body parts after death, and preserving the body, but, of course, only if you were a major official, either pharaoh or some of his/her viziers. (Well, now, that doesn’t seem all that spiritual, does it?)

In the Middle East (and wherever they have emigrated) Jews and Muslims bury their dead within 24-48 hours. Jewish people prefer never leaving a dead body alone. And some Buddhist sects claim it takes 49 days for a soul to reincarnate. (49? Why 49? I could Google it but that’s not the point.)

Now, yes, I have heard of one case (there may well be more) of a woman who received a heart transplant from a young man. After she recovered, she took up motorcycle riding and a few other habits that the young man had before he died. But it isn’t all that common, and if we are all one, and interconnected, it does make a certain amount of sense. Psychometry is the psychic practice of reading objects. As an example, in order to read a person, some psychics hold an object of theirs, like a ring, or car keys or something that spent a lot of time with that person. The concept being, we leave psychic impressions on the objects we live with, perhaps similar to the way iron or steel will become magnetized if you keep them with magnets. But admitting “mass murderer into my home” seems a little… well… kind of over-the-top.

We all have free will. We can all choose what to accept and what to refuse. The only rules I try follow are kindness and compassion. Try to embrace the freedom of awareness and spirituality, try to dance without tying your ankles together.

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NOTE #3:
I recently spent about an hour discussing the Seth Material with Debra Anne Clement on her podcast “Shortcut to the Soul.” This is the link to the YouTube version, but it can also be found in the iTunes store under podcasts. We had fun. Hope you enjoy listening to it.


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