Old Rules, New Understandings

Planets are connected to signs and they influence each other. It is one of the techniques astrologers use to interpret the symbols in a chart. In traditional astrology, certain combinations of planet & sign pairs were automatically assigned the labels Rulership, Detriment, Exalted or Fall. Using these labels, we were expected to pre-judge certain pairs. (Clearly, planets in their detriment or fall tended to struggle to express their true nature, while those in their rulership or exalted were free-flowing and smooth.)

Given the times, and the levels of awareness in the past, this was understandable. But the time is now, not then, and I tend to reject those labels.

One example: the Moon is in its rulership in Cancer. Emotions are quickly felt and expressed easily. The sign opposite Cancer is Capricorn. The Moon in Cap is considered in detriment and the traditional view is, Capricorn is emotionless, too concerned with being practical and efficient. But Capricorn Moons absolutely DO feel things, don’t kid yourself, but because they are also very socially conscious and practical, they will choose which emotions they decide need to be expressed. Sometimes, yes, that can be a form of self-suppression, if taken too far, but they do have a handle on their emotions. Cancer Moons, however, bubble over with feelings. Is that truly always beneficial?

Another example: Mars in Aries is in its rulership, and makes a fine warrior: direct, assertive and ready to engage. The sign opposite Aries is Libra. Poor Mars, right? How can a warrior be balanced and harmonious? Well, ask Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of our greatest generals and the man who essentially won WWII. And he was a Libra. The best warriors know their enemies. Aries may be a stronger warrior, but is ready to fight at the drop of a hat. Is that a great warrior, or a war-starter? And Mars in Pisces? Mars allegedly struggles in Pisces. How can Mars be a warrior in the sign of empathy? How can you crush an enemy if you feel for him/her? And yet, recently, a client I spoke with had a Mars in Pisces, and he explained how he would often immediately institute a form of “peace talks” with a potential foe, and usually managed to convert them through his compassion, empathy and understanding, No, not exactly a fierce battle for supremacy, not a traditional use of Mars, but the challenge of the situation was solved.

One more example: Planets that are in a sign they rule: Mercury in Gemini may function smoothly but that can be a racing mind. They may not always think things all the way through, but they will think A LOT. Beneficial? Yes, but is that so much more wonderful that a Merury in Pisces, its fall. These people tend to “think” intuitively. They may not be great with linear book learning, but they absorb knowledge like a sponge, via demonstration and experience.

In general, always examine “wisdom” handed down from previous generations. Yes it may be valid and useful, but beware of “it has always been done this way.” Times and circumstances change, and so should perceptions and solutions.

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