No One Needs Astrology

No one needs astrology. Or numerology. Or tarot cards. Or psychic readings. Really. What we need is to pay attention. Tune in. Listen. If we do that, we can all hear we need to know. All you will be doing is listening to yourself. That’s the big secret.

Uh huh. That easy.

OK. It isn’t that easy (but really it is). In the meanwhile, as you learn to master that “easy trick,” there’s always astrology, numerology, tarot cards, psychic readings and whatever other system of divination one can dream up. But if we don’t really need these systems, what are their uses?

I can only speak for astrology, but the answer is the same for all spiritual and/or psychic disciplines. Think of them as training wheels for your self-awareness, short cuts for seeing yourself clearly.

When I interpret someone’s natal chart, I am tapping into their inner self for them. I don’t think newcomers to astrology realize how personal and intimate this is. I feel a little like a voyeur, and sometimes it even seems a little silly. I explain to a client about some behavioral traits of theirs I see in the chart and they say “Wow. That’s right. I really do do that!” Well, of course you do. It’s your chart.

The benefit I see in astrology is when a client says “I never looked at it that way.’ That’s when I feel I am doing some good: showing someone themselves in a different light than they are used to seeing. This is the big payoff for me. It’s not a big deal to be able to find the basic traits of someone in their birth chart. Most competent astrologers should be able to do that with their third eye tied closed. It’s the interpretation. We can tap into our inner selves if we want; it’s the limited self-interpretation that can sometimes cripple us.

It’s the ability to look at a pattern in a person’s life and re-imagine it for them that is my goal as an astrologer. To say to a client “You know how you have always done X then Y then Z in your life? Next time, try Z first, and maybe X and Y will flow a little easier.”

And to me, ideally, astrology can pass by the years of self-examination that modern psychiatry often requires. Astrology can be a kind of shorthand to your inner processes, but even so, there is always work to be done, growth to be realized and evolution to be achieved. I don’t think anyone skips steps this way, but they get to the heart of the matter a little quicker. I am not in any way denigrating psychiatry. If that is a system that works for you, go with it. There are people who combine therapy and counseling with astrology, including astrologers who offer regular counseling, or therapists who work with a person’s birth chart.

But no one needs astrology if they are in tune with themselves, and continually deal with what life presents to them.

However, if you need an astrologer, well… here I am.


  1. Matthew says:

    Yeah I wish I could communicate that to some of my astrologer friends. On the one hand, yes, astrology works. On the other hand, the point is to be able to hone your intuitions so you can deal with things in the moment, not control or predict everything that’s going to happen to you before it happens.

  2. Spoken like a true Cappy…


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