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I have, over the past years, done a handful of astrology themed videos. And there will be more in the future, but here are all the links in one place, as of January 18th, 2018

Early promos for the Practical Mystical Expo (currently on hiatus):
General discussion of what astrology is, how it can be used… 5 years old***
General discussion of what astrology does for one to one relationships… 5 years old

The following are all done within the past 13 months
A talk about the basic fundamentals of astrology
“Astrology seems, at first, to a beginner, like 100,000 separate things to memorize. But once you strip the signs and planets down to their basic meanings, they can be built back up, showing the core themes and illustrating all the patterns on top of patterns that are part of the basic architecture of the Zodiac. This is a beginner level talk, but I hope to show you a different way of looking at all the bits and pieces of astrology. ”
Saturn Is Not The Problem: Often Saturn gets cursed as a bad bad planet… not really… not at all…
Pinball Charts: This is an area of astrology that I have not seen discussed anywhere, so I decided to post what I saw and see what people say. I have not done thorough research, but this is based on what I have observed over the years… “Pinball Charts” is my name for it…

The following is the start of an ongoing series called “How I Look At A Chart.” I walk through two charts per talk, showing how, step by step, I get into a person’s chart. I definitely will be doing more of these…

***Someone pointed out that my first link was wrong. It connected people to Paul Simon’s song Gumboots… yeah, great song but still… it is now fixed.



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