My Third YouTube Astrology Lecture

On June 9th, I did another astrology lecture at the request of “EA Zoom Meetings by Evolutionary Astrology,” discussing “How I Read A Chart.”

If you are somewhat acquainted with astrology basics, but have trouble finding your way into a chart, and putting together a “real person” from all the bits of astro data and info, this chat might help. I walk through step-by-step how I get into a chart, using two very different natal charts. Every astrologer will eventually find a technique or process that works best for him or her, but I offer my way as a method to consider, use and see if it makes sense for you. Perhaps there will be some methods you will take with you and incorporate into your own process?

If you do watch it, any feedback would be welcome, from questions about the material to comments about potential improvement.

And, I still have my ongoing internet radio program, interviewing all kinds of interesting people: astrologers, psychics, mediums, acupuncturists, palmists, NDE survivors, hypnotherapists, reiki masters, medical herbalists, past life therapists, energy healers and so much more… Join us every Monday evening from 9:30pm to 11pm Eastern Time for CosmicTuesdays, the radio show. Find me at:

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