My Second YouTube Lecture

Last week I did another astrology lecture at the request of “EA Zoom Meetings by Evolutionary Astrology,” discussing The Underlying Unifying Foundation of Basic Astrology. They video-recorded it via Zoom and popped it up on YouTube. Just click on the title to be transported to the video.

I hope you enjoy it. At one point during this lecture my brain short circuits for a moment and I make a mistake, but I correct myself immediately. These things happen. If you do watch it, any feedback would be welcome, from questions about the material or comments about potential improvement.

I may do another one in a few weeks, showing how I approach looking at a chart, and going through it step by step.

And, I still have my ongoing internet radio program, interviewing all kinds of interesting people: astrologers, psychics, mediums, acupuncturists, palmists, NDE survivors, hypnotherapists, reiki masters, medical herbalists, past life therapists, energy healers and so much more… Join us every Monday evening from 9:30pm to 11pm Eastern Time for CosmicTuesdays, the radio show. Find me at:

And listen at:


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