My Evolution as an Astrologer

I grew up reading comic books endlessly, and my greatest desire in life was to have some kind of a superpower, but since I wasn’t rocketed from my home planet as an infant, or bitten by a radioactive spider, it didn’t seem likely. I do not have the brains to create a high-tech flying battle armor suit; I still wanted to be a hero and “save” people with some amazing ability of mine that ordinary humans did not possess.

Eventually, after I became fascinated with astrology and taught myself how to do simple natal chart readings, it was almost as good as having superpowers. People would be stunned and amazed by my mysterious abilities to know who they were, and what had happened to them, merely by knowing their birth info. I had a bag of wonderful tricks to dazzle them. I didn’t get to wear a cape or drive an Astro-mobile, but it was as close as I was going to get.

But eventually I began to realize, this wasn’t supposed to be about me. It wasn’t supposed to be “See how amazing I am?” even if, by chance, I actually was amazing. For the first year or so, I didn’t even offer to record the readings I did for clients, even though when I got my first reading from Dr. Lilan Laishley, she thoughtfully taped our talk, and I frequently referred to it as I wrestled with my studies in astrology. I realized the need to record astrology sessions when I bumped into previous clients and they understandably mis-remembered some of the things I had told them. One person even said I compared her to Hitler. (I did not!) I realized that a 60 to 90 minute astrology reading can be a lot of information to absorb and recall without some outside help. So I bought a tape recorder and stocked up on audiocassettes.

It was also about this time that I took some steps to come down from the mountain. I have a Capricorn Sun, and our symbol is the mountain goat with the fish’s tail. It is one of our natural tendencies to hold ourselves a little aloof and above-it-all. And we love to act like we know-it-all. And various events in my life at the time had humbled me. Turns out I didn’t know it all. I spent a few years in therapy and continued to do astrology readings, but I was more cautious, did less “stunting,” worked at being more empathetic and focused more on my client.

And it helped immensely that I got married. I am not claiming that suddenly I was able to open up and be a good partner. That has taken years, and is, as it should be, still a work in progress. My wife is an excellent foil.

I still work to hone and improve my astrological skills, but now I do it to be of better service to my clients. That’s what it is all about. It has taken me years to understand that yes, we are all one, but each one of us is uniquely important to the universe. And the better I make myself, the better the world is. We all have unique gifts to offer. Every “ordinary” person has some superpowers. And superpowers would be a very limited gift if we didn’t each use our unique abilities in service to others, too.

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I have started up once again, every other Tuesday evening, appearing on Dawn Tevý’s Angels & Warriors BlogTalkRadio Show “Practical Astrology with Anthony Picco” at 8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, 7:30 CST, 6:30 MST, and 5:30 pm PST. It runs roughly 90 minutes, with an opening chat about some astrological topic, and then we open the phone lines for a few quick spontaneous readings from callers with questions about their charts & lives. The next show is February 19th.


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