Mercury Is Going Retrograde and I Don’t Care

On August 20th, 2010 at 8pm in Hicksville, NY I will be giving my first public talk NOT about astrology. I’m pretty excited about it. Not too nervous, but it is something new, so I am on alert. As I have been noting at the bottom of my posts for a few weeks, the talk is an introductory look at The Seth Material.

On Aug 20th at 4:59pm EDT, Mercury will be stationary going retrograde, three hours before my talk.* What to do? What to do? As anyone with a dollop of astrological knowledge knows, when Mercury goes retrograde, things ruled by Mercury go a bit haywire, like communications and travel… and I have to travel out to Long Island from NYC to communicate to an audience. How did this happen? I sent the Eyes of Learning Center a proposal, they called me, said August 20th was available, and I said yes. Weeks later I noticed Mercury Retrograde.

I don’t sweat the generalized effects of Mercury Retrograde, or Venus or Mars or whatever retrograde on the world. I do notice all the retrogrades when I am examining a client’s transits, because a three hit transit is more significant than a one hit, and it will be directly affecting a particular birth chart’s planetary configuration. That is a very specific observation and application. But those people that run around blaming Mercury Retrograde for anything that holds them up are looking for excuses. As I have said in a previous post, don’t blame astrology. In normal everyday life we “re” stuff all the time. We reassess, we repair, restock, resell, refurbish, redecorate… we return all the time. That is the key to understanding retrograde influence. Mercury Retrograde is no big deal. If you are coping day by day with the things that arise in every person’s life, the retrogrades of any planet will not be a disruption in your life.

So how will I cope this Friday with the dreaded Mercury Retrograde? I will re-mind myself that I am re-turning to Long Island (I have been there many times) to re-assess the teachings of Seth. I am essentially re-peating and re-interpreting The Seth Material in my own style and voice, to an audience curious to understand what this information holds for them.

Who’s afraid of the big bad retrograde?

*Incidentally, is an excellent place to find out exact timing for astrological events, if you do not have astrological software on your computer.

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On Friday August 20th, at 8pm, I will be giving a talk called “You Create Your Own Reality: The Lessons of the Seth Material & Ways To Apply Them To Your Life” for The Eyes Of Learning, in Hicksville, Long Island, NY. If you wish to attend, go to and scroll down to August 20th for details. ($10 members, $15 non-members) The Eyes of Learning Center is Long Island’s “oldest and most respected metaphysical learning center” and they always have interesting talks and demonstrations scheduled. If you live on Long Island, check them out.


  1. I could not agree with you more re-garding Mercury Retrograde. While things may go a bit haywire, as you say, we need to re-think, re-examine just how much we are using this retrograde as an excuse to keep from moving forward in whatever area of our lives we are called upon to do.
    I personally have traveled many times by plane on the day of, or during, a retrograde…. have signed contracts etc., knowing that there is a higher power than the planet Mercury and that is the Creator of this Universe (and that includes Mercury as well as our Mother Earth) …. you can call that Creator God, Great Spirit, Buddha, Allah, Elohim; the list is endless but all from one divine source. Respectfully submitted, Patricia Bono

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  3. like this out look, speaks on many levels. thanks
    will not be able to make it to the talk (live in FL)
    would like some more info on “Seth Material”

  4. donna says:

    very nicely put tony..

    its so easy to panic and think that everything will go crazy or not go at all !!

    thanks for being the voice of sanity.

    im very much looking forward to hearing your lecture on friday nite!!


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