Love & Astrology, Part 6: We Have Similar Aspects

I browse Yahoo!Answers’ Horoscope section and occasionally reply to questions. I like teaching and it keeps me aware of the general attitudes regarding astrology… most of the questions are pretty simplistic, but this week I stumbled across inspiration for today’s blog post. And essentially, this is an addendum to Love & Astrology Part 3: No Planets Connect, But They Do (

A woman posted links to her and her boyfriend’s chart and asked: “As you can see our birth charts are very different. But I’ve noticed that both of us have these same aspects…” and she proceeded to list them, adding, “Does having the same aspects help in some way?” Good question, and she had already supplied her own answer.

As I have said before, there is much more to relationships in astrology than just mixing & matching sun signs… and in Part 3 I discussed people whose Rising Signs were the same, so all their house matched up, even if the planets didn’t.

For the novice, aspects are how the planets “talk” to each other in a chart. Or how they are wired together. If both people have some similar aspects, even if they are in “unmatching signs,” they could find understanding with each other.

Here are some examples:

Let’s say both people have Venus conjunct the Moon… anyone with this aspect will be socially open, charming and friendly, able to work well with the public and plays well with others. These aspect traits may manifest slightly differently if, say, one has them in Taurus and the other one has them in Sagittarius, but two people both with this aspects will recognize each other.

Let’s say both people have Mars trine Saturn… these two will be responsible hard workers who will know how to be assertive and efficient, and will keep their anger well focused. Both are excellent teachers and good in positions of authority. So what if the Mars and Saturn signs do not match up? They have common ground.

Let’s say both people have Sun trine Moon… these are people whose inner and outer selves are in harmony, so they tend to have a natural confidence with a little less self-doubt than others. Obviously these two would have a connection, regardless of the signs the planets are in.

I generally prefer to see similar aspect patterns in either conjunctions or harmonious aspects like trines and sextiles, but even matching oppositions could work. If both people have Mars opposite Uranus, they will both be combative, but if they manage to get on the same side they could make a formidable duo, taking on all comers.

The nice thing about matching aspects without matching compatible signs is, once again you have something in common, but not completely smooth. You can understand each other and yet still add to each other, with differing opinions that can open each other up to new ideas and growth.

Together, maybe, you can be more than the sum of your parts.


  1. Micheline says:

    Very interesting. I had not thought about that.

  2. Arline says:

    Very enlightening. I don’t know much about chart matching-synastry? so this was helpful. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks. Is there a way I can get parts 1-5?

    1. Sure… on the main page, on the right side, are a bunch of words in different sizes, like karma and astrology and saturn, etc. Click th word love and it will lisyt all 6…


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