Love and Astrology, Part 1: Stop Assuming

More than any other question, astrologers are always asked about love. Who am I attracted to? Who is interested in me? When will I meet him/her? Will we get along?

My first and best suggestion: trust your heart above and beyond astrology. Maybe you’re a Capricorn and you’ve heard you’re not compatible with Leos, but the person you just met, the one who makes your hear beat faster… oh no, Leo!

So? Ignore astrology. Listen to your heart first. After a few dates, maybe when there is a relationship beginning to form, then you could look at the birth charts. Maybe then you can assess the quirks and uniqueness of your relationship. Clinging to strict astrological principles can cripple you. It should be used to help open your world, not close down potential opportunities (like a perfectly good Leo partner for a Capricorn.)

If you want to use astrology as a tool for romance, I suggest leaving the signs and planets at home when you go out seeking. If you can’t trust your gut response when you meet someone, I doubt astrology will be able to help you.

Birth charts are complex things anyway. (Just like humans.) There can be subtle explanations for why the two of you feel a connection. Maybe his Mars connects with her Moon. Maybe many of her planets fall into his 7th house, the house of one-to-one relationships. Maybe all your planets ignore each other, but the houses line up. (…more on these topics in subsequent installments).

And compatibility? It’s overrated anyway. All the so-called compatibility in the world between two charts will not ensure that spark, that fire between two people that leads to a deeper profound place. Playmates need to be compatible. Co-workers and neighbors need to be compatible. But lovers and partners need a little more than just that.

And what if your chart indicates your desire for a tumultuous, chaotic relationship? Does the word “compatible” fit that situation? What if you are an intense Scorpio desiring a steady, secure relationship? Or suppose you are a Scorpio seeking abrupt, disorienting relationships because you like to learn and grow via successive partners who force you to transform? When it comes to love, one size does not fit all, and that has to also be taken into account when comparing charts.

Astrology should guide you, not lead you. Trust your heart. After all, it will be your mutual hearts that will be involved in the decisions you make regarding love.

NOTE: Even though this is Part One, do not assume Part Two will follow on my next posting. Love is a complex topic and I will be writing Parts 2, 3, 4 and onward as the spirit moves me.


  1. Thuban says:

    These words have a lot of meaning specially coming out of an astrologer. I respect your sincerity and morality you exhibit in all of your blog entries. People like you make me feel at home in this world. Thank you!

    1. I am honored and flattered by your comments. Thanks!

  2. Cool Change says:

    very well said………wish so many people would read this blog and hear the wisdom in these words.

  3. Bruce R. Smith says:

    Congratulations Tony!
    As a Scorpio who has had plenty of the “abrupt and disorienting” sorts of experience you mention, it’s insightful to consider having chosen them to “force transformation”. That has been the result, in any case! I look forward to future installments.
    I hope this website helps transform your business in the new year. Happy Holidays!

  4. Very sensible take on something that most people get very irrational about!


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