Life Is An Illusion, But…

Recently, while wandering through social media discussion sites, I came across a woman’s comment claiming she could not accept that “life is an illusion.” To her, the universe was too big, too amazing and too beautiful to just be an “illusion.”

Just an illusion? Illusions do matter. And yes, the physical world is an illusion, but a very important illusion we have all co-created; an illusion we created as a stage, a platform, to work out certain beliefs and to practice certain skills we can only practice here; to play and experiment, and to hone our abilities. This illusion is a very important playground. There are things we can only learn and do here. As an awkward metaphor, you really can’t learn to swim unless you have a lake, an ocean, a river or a pool. You need enough water. Where else can you learn swimming?

We are all multi-dimensional beings in a multi-dimensional universe, choosing to limit ourselves to 3 or 4 dimensions while we are here in this version of the universe. Our multi-dimensional selves know this version is a chosen illusion, and they(we) deliberately squish themselves into human form. And they(we) are supposed to believe in this illusion. It matters.

And even if this life is “just” a co-created illusion, what a magnificent act of creativity we have manifested. Have you seen the Amazon? Stonehenge? New York City? Tokyo? Istanbul? Elephants? Cats? Butterflies? Rainstorms? Snow? Fog?

And what about the “illusions” we create once we are in human form? Have you ever cried at a movie or while reading a story? Been moved to tears of joy by a painting or a song? Aren’t they “illusions?” There never was a “real-life” Hamlet, or Luke Skywalker or Scarlett O’Hara, and yet we respond to them with real emotions.

When I do an astrology reading, I see the personal details of someone’s life, their talents and abilities that serve as their toolboxes, but I also often see an overall path. We may spend some parts of our lives as parents or world leaders or plumbers or hermits, but what deeply matters are the underlying lessons. Did you learn more compassion and empathy? Did you recognize the big picture? Did you evolve? Did you see how unique everyone and everything is? Did you work past your fears and love more?

Yeah, life is an illusion, but it is an amazing, stunning, exciting, beautiful illusion full of love and light. It is a very real illusion.

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NOTE #2:
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NOTE #3:

I recently did another astrology video for EA Zoom. It discusses my experience with Pluto starting its transiting my stellium & t-square. If you are curious, here it is:


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