Learning To Listen: Exercising Your Intuition, Part 2

(I wrote Part 1 last year… find it here: http://wp.me/pJ9hq-5d )

Intuition, as important as it is, can be as light as a soft breeze and as transparent as morning mist… so how do we feel it, see it and pay attention to it?

It starts with acknowledging all those things we consider “coincidences.” How many times did you “know” who it was when the phone rang, and discovered you were correct? That’s not just a coincidence. That’s intuition. “If you pay more attention to what you think of as coincidences, you will discover another kind of order that underlies the recognized order you follow.” (The Unknown Reality, A Seth Book by Jane Roberts,Volume 1, Session 693, Page 135)

And we each have our own way of being intuitive. Me, I “know” when a client is going to cancel an appointment when I visualize the calendar in my head and the appointment is missing. Or I know because I don’t “feel” like working on the chart, and sure enough, the client calls to move the appointment. We all have our own method of talking to ourselves intuitively, and it is worth it to look for your way & pay attention to your style. And to reinforce ourselves every time we catch ourselves being successfully intuitive & tell ourselves “See? I can do this!”

But many of us do our very best to talk ourselves out of it. Recently I did an astrology reading for a client who has a very strong intuitive/psychic streak in her chart. She has had ample evidence of this in her life, yet she often talks herself out of believing in her abilities. She feels her logical & intuitive sides fight with each other. And for her, they do, and so they do, too, for many of us. We are living in a time when intuition is often regarded as not scientifically provable, and therefore does not really exist. We only think it exists.  Uh-huh.

And I find myself doing the same thing, even after all my years trying to put these kinds of ideas into practice. A couple of years ago, in a hurry after flying into an airport, I had a “feeling” I wouldn’t find my luggage in the usual way. I stopped and “listened” for a second or two, and I felt my luggage WAS in the airport and not lost, so I went to the carousel and watched in frustration as everyone else’s luggage snaked past me three, four, five times. I was ready to go to lost & found when I stopped myself. If I “knew” it was not going to be found in “the usual way” I was going to have to try something different. So I walked the opposite direction about 30 feet and found random luggage piled to the side. And there were my bags. Someone had removed a bunch of luggage before I got there and shoved it off to the side. I grabbed a cab & met my friends with moments to spare. And I was annoyed. Why did I ignore my intuition? Maybe I just had to prove it to myself again.

Sometimes, when we do follow our intuition, when we get that urge to walk a different direction than we usually do, or drive a different way, we may never know we avoided some misfortune. Sometimes we don’t get a “payoff.”  It’s tough to follow intuition because it is so… well… illogical. And it is supposed to be illogical. We need to learn to have faith in ourselves by recognizing the method and moment we “feel” it, reinforcing our successes & building up a track record to feel more comfortable and confident trusting ourselves.

And ultimately, science is on our side. It has been established we have two halves to our brains, and for the most part, in most people, the tasks they do for us are very distinct. The left brain is the linear, logical half; the “ego” if you want to use that term. The right brain is intuitive. So, right brain + left brain = whole brain, We all want a whole brain, right?

So listen.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    listen; if you scramble the letters you get silent… if we are not silent we can not listen. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. hah… clever… and true

  2. Great article!~ Hey, this is what I do for a living and I fail some times. We’re all so geared to thinking logically and proving the unproven to be “right” we are thrown off kilter. I say Yes! Listen, don’t think, just listen. <3

  3. Cool post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Irene Wilson says:

    Thank you for the reminder to “listen” to myself. A lot of times in my rush to get things done, I don’t listen & ignore the obvious. Silly me!

    1. Silly us! We all do it…


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