Just Because I am an Astrologer…

Most people visit an astrologer when they are unhappy or troubled, and are seeking some kind of clarity about the situation. It might be an ongoing challenge in their birth chart, or it might be some conditions stirred up by a transiting planet, but they are trying to find a way to deal with it. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, but you still need to put that knowledge to use, and that isn’t always easy or fun. I may see a family situation in a birth chart, as an example that suggests a difficult relationship with one’s siblings. OK, all well and good, but now you may have to find ways to cross those barriers, or else simply choose to avoid them. Neither solution may be truly satisfying.

Or perhaps a client is getting a difficult transit, and although there will be an end to it after awhile, they still have to live through it and deal with it. Sometimes I have gently chastised clients who asked, “When will it be over?” I tell them they can’t just hunker down in the bunker and wait for it to end, because that’s not the point of a transit. It is asking you to examine something in your life. I always try to put a positive outlook to it. Admittedly, not all transits are easy or even pleasant, but I try to accent the positive to encourage people, and to try and steer them in the direction that leads to the best possible outcome. There can be healthy, evolving responses to any transit, but, yeah, there can be missteps and darker outcomes. Nothing is inevitable, other than the need to respond to the transiting planet.

And just because I am an astrologer, that doesn’t mean I escape these things personally. I am currently getting Saturn transiting across all my planets and points in Capricorn. If it was a client, I might tell them Saturn is good for cleaning house, cutting back on the excess, getting more organization and discipline into your life, focusing and being responsible. I might also add, sometimes it can feel a little isolating and maybe even depressing, because Saturn is also the planet of limitations.

And… whaddya ya know? I am depressed and yet feeling responsible, with no fun. I deleted the game apps on my phone. Bored with them. I am organizing all the family photos I have scanned over the years. I have recently started writing my blog again. I don’t want to… but I do. I just spent 30 minutes laying on the couch, writing this blog in my head and trying to force myself to get up and write the damn thing. Well, here I am.

So just because I am an Astrologer, I don’t get a free pass. I do get to understand astrology better as I flow through these transits, and that’s good… but when does Jupiter or Uranus transit my planets, and stir things up? When will Mars kick one of my planets in the butt?


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NOTE #2:
Once a month I co-host an astrology meetup in NYC, usually during the second week of any month, usually on a Tuesday or a Thursday, at the Quest book shop. If you are in the NYC area and are interested, you can register for free at NYC Astrology Meetup and get monthly announcements of upcoming lecturers. All levels of astrologer are welcome, from beginner to experienced professional.

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NOTE #3:
I recently spent about an hour discussing Astrology with Andrew Fisher on his YouTube radio show. Find us at Nature of Reality Radio Hope you enjoy listening.


  1. Finding something positive is a good thing. Hope things are going better for you now, Tony. Bob

    1. Soon… But even when “gloomy,” knowing WHY helps tremendously…


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