It’s The End of the World As We Know It, So Be Creative

Astrologically, signs indicate the world as we know it IS undergoing some major structural & philosophical changes, and it ain’t over yet.

As many astrologers know, the three outer planets, the slowest moving, the ones that symbolize mass movements & societal shifts, are all switching signs around the same time. This is fairly unusual. Pluto entered Capricorn full-time in Dec 2008. Uranus entered Aries full-time in April 2011. And Neptune will enter Pisces full-time in February 2012. These planets will be in these signs for a number of years. This is long term.

In a simplified nutshell, Pluto in Cap is symbolizing the economic collapse & the sense of responsibility the OccupyWallStreet movement wants to bring to the financial industry.

Uranus is about sudden chaos and upheaval, individual rights, freedom, new ideas and surprises. When it entered Aries this past Spring, Japan had its devastating earthquake and the so-called “Arab Spring” blossomed. You can also add the OWS Movement here too. Uranus symbolizes change.

And Neptune enters Pisces next February. Neptune is happy in Pisces, the sign it rules. Neptune & Pisces have affinity with each other. There is potential for another great spiritual awakening. Imagination and fantasy could run free. Compassion could swell and we could find a deeper connection with everyone, & everything, else.

OK. So we have chaos, change, responsibility, transformation, rich imagination and spiritual compassion. That’s quite a heady cocktail, and if mishandled, a potential for a real mess. Many of the old ways are no longer working. They need to be examined. The garbage has to be thrown out. New ways are needed to flesh out the new world. And if those new ways are created out of fear, we will all be in a bigger mess. Fear-based decisions are often made to lock things down, prevent change and keep it the way it was.

So if trying to lock down the old ways isn’t going to work, what are our options?

Creativity. Creativity is a word with more depth and usefulness than is often assigned to it. Say “creativity” and people think of painting, music, writing, dance, poetry… the arts in general. But creativity is ideally in use in our everyday life. To create something means to “bring something into existence that did not exist before.” So when you do something differently in your life, whenever you try a new idea, a new solution at work, a new way of driving from one place to another, etc… you are being creative. Dreaming up a new solution, even if it is a new way to handle your bills, or schedule your day or whatever… it’s all creative. It’s about giving birth to new things on every level.

In astrology, it’s no surprise that the 5th house, which is the house of creative self-expression, is also the house of children & romance. (The 7th house is about one-to-one relationships, but the 5th is about the creative part of love: romance.)

So yes, the future could look scary, but Neptune symbolizes imagination, and compassion. Uranus is about new ideas and change. Pluto in Capricorn is about responsible, reorganizing transformation. At this point in time, the tools are there for all of us to create a new era. Things will be different no matter what we do, but we can make them truly better.

Keep an open mind, & open heart, & try new ideas. Be creative. It’s the one super power we all have, if we do not give in to fear.


  1. This is an extremely interesting piece and I lived it! Keep on keeping on and if you’d like, please check out my blog and tell me what you think @

  2. This is an extremely interesting piece and I lived it! Keep on keeping on and if you’d like, please check out my blog and tell me what you think @


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