Is This Good? Is This Bad? Is It Better? Or Worse?

Sometimes I visit the Yahoo!Answers horoscope section, to see if I can offer help to any budding astrologers. About 75% of the questions are usually boyfriend/girlfriend compatibility stuff, which I tend to ignore. And among those budding astrologers, there are a few of them that are, in my opinion, asking the wrong questions.

“What is the best planetary aspect to have? What is the worst aspect to have?” or “Which is the best sign of the zodiac for ____________ (fill in the blank).”

Best? Worst? Did I time travel back to when astrology talked about bad & good & benefic & malefic? There is no “best” or “worst.” There are propensities & inclinations & predispositions… and then we apply our free will.

Sure, some qualities and aspects of anyone’s chart are more challenging, like squares or oppositions, but squares or oppositions generate a lot of strength and energy, and when you learn how to handle them well, they can be wonderful assets to have. An evolved person can turn a square into a trine, or an opposition into a conjunction.

And yes, some qualities and aspects flow smoothly, like trines and sextiles, but I have also seen people with lots of trines and sextiles in their charts and they do little with their lives and coast along. (And that may well be their path in this life, to learn how to let go and flow.)

Last week I had a client who had a number of planets in her twelfth house. Old time astrologers called it the House of Undoing. I call it the House of Subconscious Awareness, as do many other astrologers. And yes, it can have challenges attached to it, but if you learn how to deal with it, it’s yours to use. My client is a professional healer & psychic, with an excellent success rate. Looks like she took the unconscious/intuitive path to manifesting those twelfth house planets. Not so “bad” after all…

Here’s a little anecdote about bad & good that some of you may know:

A farmer’s horse gets out and runs away. His neighbor says, “That’s bad.” The farmer says “Maybe.”

Three days later his runaway horse returns with two wild horses in tow. Now the farmer has three horses. His neighbor says, “That’s good.” The farmer says “Maybe.”

The next day, while trying to tame the wild horses, his son is thrown and breaks his leg. His neighbor says, “That’s bad.” The farmer says “Maybe.”

And a few days later, the king’s men come through the area conscripting young men for military service. They pass over the farmer’s son due to his broken leg. His neighbor says, “That’s good.”

The farmer says “…maybe.”

If you are investigating astrology you would do well by forgetting terms like “best” or “worst.” Wouldn’t hurt to put those concepts into perspective in every day use. Life is not a contest. There are no medals and awards. Hopefully, we face what comes our way and deal with it.

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  1. Matthew Jacobs says:

    Haha very true, very Zen. I think the questions about “what is the best aspect to have?” are really due to a misplaced sense of practicality. People nowadays want the sound-byte version, and when you insist on sound bytes you miss out on a lot of the complexity and all of the fun.

    1. Well culturally we have been really pushing that “best” consciousness… as if America’s next best musician or dancer would come from competitions…


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