How to Respect Your Intuition: Exercising Your Intuition, Part 3

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

We all have our own ways of listening to our intuition. Some people have gut feelings. Some hear voices. Some people get twinges in their toes… I dunno. But there is no one proper way to listen for your intuition. Sometimes the biggest issue is over-riding your programming.

A friend of mine “never gives money” to people on the street. She believes “they are only going to spend it in drugs or alcohol.” There are those people out there, yes. And this past week a young man approached her on the street, said his dad had thrown him out, and he could go live with his mom but he didn’t have the train fare to get to the city. She gave him $10.00, and he walked in the direction of the train station down the block. She said she believed him, but her programming told her to follow him and see if he bought a ticket. She didn’t. She over-rode her programmed thinking, and trusted and respected her intuition. She didn’t even ask him why his dad had thrown him out. She said she felt it “didn’t matter.” If you need proof to back up your intuition, then you aren’t trusting it.

Me, I get an urge to, say, squeeze doing the laundry into a busy afternoon. Just feel like I want to. Don’t know why. I get a little hectic running around sorting clothes and my wife says to me, “You don’t have to do it today. Tomorrow is fine.” I am naturally lazy. Gee, that sounds logical. So I pass on my “urge.” And sure enough, tomorrow is crazy, so is the day afterwards, etc., and I end up doing laundry 4 days later. No, this is not a big problem. It’s just laundry. But I ignored my urge. My bad. For me, “urges” that make no logical sense are one of the ways I sense my intuition. I have been practicing for years now to listen to those urges, but I am too quick to disallow them.

Often, when intuition makes itself known to us, there is no logic to it. Driving down the street going to work. Every day for 8 plus years, you have always taken this exact same route. One day you just feel like taking a side road. If you do it, you may never know why. But maybe if you ignore your urge, you end up in traffic caused by a jack-knifed trailer-truck and are stuck for 2 hours. Would that be worth it to you, just to “prove” your intuition? And how many times do you need to keep proving it to yourself?

Intuition works on many levels, from planning the weekly chores, to momentous decisions. Try to honor the scared gift, as Einstein says, and use logic as the faithful servant it is.

Now excuse me. I feel like doing the laundry again…

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Good one, Tony. Followed my urge to let you know.

  2. Sylvia Meeks says:

    Thanks – needed this! I am known in the family for being the “weird one” with premonitions, etc. The square peg in the round hole maybe, but I have learned to trust myself. This was a help.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tony I love this. My dad was a very intuitive person and my mother even more so in some ways. My mother could “sense” things happening, and we never doubted her. Just waited to see/hear the details about whatever she was “picking up”.

    I have learned to follow my gut feelings as much as possible, and although I get teased and it makes me different, I never doubt my intuition.

    My father always told us to listen in the stillness, and we would hear the answers to our prayers, or be lead down the road to our solutions. He always said intuition was god’s voice speaking to us, and to ignore it wasn’t wise. Every time I ignore my intuition or “fight” synchronistic events, the path in my everyday life gets muddled, and my experience is not as joyful.

    I always try to find that place between being willful and wise. :>)

    Thanks for the great post. A lovely read, to start my morning.


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