Everyday Mysteries and Magical Events

For me, physical reality has always been a wiggly thing. Yes, there are scientific “rules” and many things are allegedly impossible but I see evidence to the contrary. To me, the laws of physical reality are essentially only very strong suggestions that operate most of the time, but some events “fall between the cracks.” Some things happen in a unique, rare, inexplicable manner and are not verifiable… but they happen.
Years ago, when I was in art school, when signing my art with my name, I started adding a star in a circle to it. It resembled a pentagram, but at the time I did not know what a pentagram was. Like any artist, I just liked the way it looked. A few years later I had one of my ears pierced and a friend gave me a gift of two earrings custom made to match my signature, one silver, one gold, and they became fixtures in my ear. I wore either one almost non-stop. At some point in the 1990s I decided to stop wearing the earring. I was in my 40s and it seemed to me to be a little bit of a desperate attempt to still seem cool, so I took both earrings, placed them in a small wooden case, put them at the back of a drawer, and let the hole in my ear lobe close up. End of an era, so I thought.

One afternoon, about 10 years later, while wandering the apartment in my stocking feet, I stepped on something that startled me. It was my gold pentagram earring. I checked the wooden case at the back of the drawer. Still there. And the silver earring was in it, alone. Called my wife at work. Nope. She hadn’t touched them. Okay. I took the mysterious hint, had my ear re-pierced, and started wearing the silver and gold again.

One day in late spring the gold earring was missing from my ear. Reached up one afternoon. Gone. I assumed it had come loose somewhere. Crestfallen, I went to get my silver earring. Also gone from where I kept it. Um—?

Called a psychic friend of mine who, among many other wonderful things, sometimes helps me locate lost objects. She said her spirit guides claimed I needed learn to live without them before I could have them back. Okay. This has been a difficult year for me emotionally and spiritually, and this news did not make me any happier, but okay, okay. I knew there was more to it than just that, but okay. I used an old turquoise star earring as a placeholder. Months went by, and my astrology business dried up. I was teaching and lecturing but no clients. Nothing seemed to be going smoothly. My wife bought me a sweet surprise gift of a pair of silver Capricorn earrings, and I started wearing one. I am a Cap. Seemed like a decent replacement. I pouted a little yet, but went on, trying to work it all out.

This past weekend I volunteered at a psychic fair and did 6 short astrology readings in a row. And I approached these readings in a new way. It went very well. This past week I got booked to do a conference in late November and will be reading dozens of people over a weekend. I recently launched a new Internet radio show (see below). And just two days ago, as I was cleaning, I moved the coffee table. Face down on the floor of the living room was my gold earring. It still had the back on it. What—? But I was delighted. It is back in my ear. I still can’t find the silver one but, ok, so far so good.

For me, physical reality has always been a wiggly thing. Have things like this have happened to you?


NOTE: The Internet radio show I had been co-hosting these past 18 months with Sharita Star has gone on hiatus. Sharita has other things she needs to focus on right now, and so I will continue solo with a radio show also called Cosmic Tuesdays. It is on every Monday from 9:30pm to 11pm on the HeyZRadio network. A half-hour shorter, but just as good. Join me for 90 minutes every Monday and we can have some fun together.



  1. herongrace says:

    Another earring story. Years ago my then partner and i moved into a converted cow bales on a rural property. We had just got jobs in the area and there had recently been lots of flooding. The floor in the bedroom was still damp.
    I decided to take a nap before doing the afternoon shift.
    I laid down and took the earring. [I only wore 1] out of my ear. I was fully aware of doing this as the earring was brass and leather and I checked a place to put it on making sure it was above the damp floor.
    I later got up and was getting ready for work and passing a mirror saw that the earring was in my ear. I gasped with shock as I knew I had taken it out. It was an earring with a back hook that would stick into my neck if I laid down wearing it and I knew absolutely that I had removed it!
    A group of us all living on that property had many unusual experiences and vivid dreams there.

    1. Fascinating… thanks for telling me


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