Eventually, Science Will Catch On

Being an astrologer, and also a student of many metaphysical experiences and abilities, I have had a struggle with those skeptics and rationalists who want to dismiss these particular types of experiences and abilities. Often the complaints revolve around “They can’t be scientifically proven!” or “The results are not 100% reliable!”

I never quite understood the attitude. If something consistently works (as it has with me for over 33 years) one should look for the reasons why, not try to prove it doesn’t exist. A astrologer friend of mine, Bart Lidofsky, came up with an analogy for why the scientific method can sometimes miss things. He said “Imagine you are fishing with a net that has 2-inch-holes. You will never catch any fish smaller than, maybe, 2.5 inches. As a result, you come to the erroneous conclusion that there are no fish smaller than 2.5 inches.” Some rational types forget that science invented the measuring tools. And over the course of centuries of scientific research, science has added new measuring tools and discarded others. What I think of as “true” science is a flexible, curious animal.

Once I got caught up with a group of skeptics. I offered that I was NOT a scam artist, and that even if I was unconsciously doing “cold readings” (a carnival technique used by fake psychics) how did that explain recorded readings I did for people I had not actually met? Well they were curious, and asked me to do over a dozen charts with birth data of their choosing, for them to analyze. I bowed out. Too much work, and I did not want to be summarily dismissed.

Sometimes I would make flip comments like “Love exists. Can science prove that?” And there were times I saw “science” as an enemy. I see that now as a mistake. We need both: rationality and intuition.

Seth, in his first book Seth Speaks, dictated in the late 1960s, he said the rise and domination of science would lead to a spiritual backlash, and he has certainly been proven correct. People felt the empty gap, and it lead to both the “back-to-the-basics” fundamentals of Christians and Muslims, along with the rise of what is often labeled “new age.” (Astrology, reiki, energy healing, psychics, mediums, numerology, runes, tarot cards, etc.)

And the reverse has proven to be true. Total dependence on intuition and spirituality ignores the physical universe. In the Middle Ages in Europe, science tended to be abandoned for spirit. And they saw The Black Plague emerge at two different times over the centuries.

Rationality needs intuition, and intuition needs rationality. They are supposed to work together.

So I don’t engage skeptics anymore. These days when I get challenged by a skeptic online regarding astrology, I say “I have 33 years of astrology working. I don’t need to know why. Eventually, science will catch on.”


  1. Delano Strachen says:

    The question I have is why does astrology even exist

  2. lbritt2015 says:

    The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. ~Albert Einstein

    1. Yup! There ya go!

  3. Hi, Tony. I like the idea that science will eventually catch up with Astrology and similar types of phenomena that we’re unable to prove yet scientifically. Wise not to engage the skeptics. Bob


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