All Of Us Are Creative. Every Day. (Yes, You Too)

“Creativity” is a word that has, in my opinion, lost some of its meaning over the years. When people use a phrase like “creative types,” I imagine, in many of our minds, we picture painters, writers, filmmakers, actors and musicians. Maybe some of us think of the cutting edge scientists, too, like an Einstein. And yes, they are creative, but so is everyone else.

Creativity is much more than just arts and sciences. The two planets in astrology associated with creativity are Venus and Neptune. Yes, Venus is tilted a little more toward the arts and beauty, but Neptune adds another element to the concept of creativity. Neptune is also steeped in spirituality and intuition. Creativity is an intuitive process. I consider it very unlikely that a person will be creative using a logical, linear system. Most creativity usually has some kind of an unexpected “aha” moment.

Any time we are confronted with a problem and we come up with a new solution, we are being creative. Any time we come up with an idea and figure out a way to reach the goal, we are being creative. And this applies even at the most basic levels of life. You are planning a dinner. Two more guests than expected show up. One way or another, you find a way around the problem. Perhaps you order delivery, or perhaps you raid your closet and whip up a couple of extra side. I’m sure anyone reading this can come up with many examples of suddenly having to creatively change the situation.

One of the most basic areas of creativity in most people’s lives is raising children. Probably nothing will challenge your linear, logical sense of order and structure than a child asking questions, or simply behaving in some curious way. And your child is your creation. Together, you and someone else literally physically created your child, or, if you adopted, you are still shaping and creating. Interactions with children tend to be fairly creative. Just ask a schoolteacher. In astrology, the fifth house is the house of your children. It is also the house associated with “creative self-expression.” That is a fascinating combination to me.

And even on the job, all of us are constantly confronted with things that require our creativity. How do you get sales up? How do you finish a project on time? How do you form a functioning team with the other people in your department? How do you work around shortages?

Essentially, what I’m putting forth is, we are all creative all the time. And when we stop being creative, we all begin to complain that our life is in a rut, or that we are going “nowhere.” Every day in every way we are constantly creating our lives and our reality. I know many of us, myself included, often want to blame circumstances or other people for our lives heading in a direction we didn’t want it to, but really we have so much more latitude than we realize. There is always a solution to any problem. It may not be an easy one, it may not be a smooth one, but there is always a solution. We just need to realize how creative we actually are. Look around. We have had a major hand in creating everything around us. And we can create many, many more things.

Create the life you want.

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We discuss astrology, numerology and have assorted guests, ranging from fellow astrologers to psychics, mediums, entertainers, tarot card experts, reiki masters and all things metaphysical.

If you have any trouble listening, go to the Chat Room on their website when the show is on the air, and you can listen there. If the sound gets spotty during the broadcast, refresh your browser.

We are working on creating an archive of previous shows.


  1. carl picco says:

    I’m in favor of creativity, you could call me procreative (altho’ I haven’t made any children I have given birth to many a pun)

  2. You are addressing the usage of a word that has been in my awareness lately. Frankly, I cringe at hearing the phrase “we creative types” or “we creative people” when individuals in the so called fine arts formulate these words to refer to themselves. A bit elitist I think. But what do I know, after all, I’m not inventive, imaginative, innovative, experimental, original, artistic, expressive, inspired, visionary, enterprising and/or resourceful.

    Thanks Tony for another good read.



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