For more than three decades, professional astrologer Anthony S. Picco has logged hundreds of readings and countless hours of client counseling. He sees himself as a “to-the-point” astrologer, relying on the basics, but continues to be open-minded and curious, researching new ideas and discoveries to expand his skills.

Between numerous appearances on radio shows, detailed astrology videos and lectures on The Seth Material, Anthony is known as a respected teacher of astrology and related metaphysics. He hosts the weekly internet radio show Cosmic Tuesdays every Monday from 8pm to 9.30pm Eastern Time, interviewing astrologers, psychics and other metaphysical students and practitioners. You can find the Cosmic Tuesdays podcast player on the ‘Links’ page. You can also find more information about the show on Facebook.

For more than six years, as the organizer and co-host of the monthly Big Apple Astrology Meetup Group in New York City, Anthony engages various guest speakers to share their insights on topics ranging from romance to careers. You can find the group here. Join up for free in order to register for announcements. Online meetups are currently being held via Zoom.

If you are curious about his natal chart, Anthony was born on January 14, 1954 at 12:04pm on Staten Island. NY. He prefers Tropical Western astrology, and uses the Alcabitius house system.

Contact him to schedule a reading – or for any questions about astrology – via